prague in random

“If European cities were a necklace,
Prague would be a diamond among the pearls’

Do you  know that Bedřich Smetana lived in Gothenburg, Sweden when he composed ”Moldau” in his symphonic poem “Má Vlast” (My Fatherland)?????  And that is why some sections in “Moldau” has tunes from Swedish National Anthem.

Smetana became in 1856 Conductor of the harmonious society in Gothenburg, a position he was gratefully received after the loss of his daughter. Where he served for six years.

“Moldau” or Vltava in Czech,  is one of my absolute favorite symfonic masterpieces. And when you walk along the river in Prague … it is very easy to understand why this music piece is both soft and powerful.


This was my second visit to this stunnigly beautiful city … and in my book Prague is the most beautiful city in the world, sorry Paris and Vienna!!!

What I love about Prague is it’s people ….. that are so friendly and helpful …. and they are so proud over their city and they truly love it.

And I will be back in March next year. Maybe I will meet Prague under some snow then.

31 thoughts on “prague in random

  1. A Vivekian gallery indeed! Thank you for being my third most commenting guest 2015! Hope to see you when you come back – but we leave for Iceland the coming week. After that? A call? Hope the new year is coming along nicely.

    • AC, Iceland how intersting … hopefully you will meet the winter there. Envy!!!! Yes, let’s talk when you’re back. Where did you get the annual report. Can’t find mine anywhere. Going back to Prague on Monday to pick up my friend … only for the day. I really hope that life will be gentle to us all. Happy New Year to you and your boys.

  2. I like the idea of cities being a necklace! 😉 I’ve been to Prague only once. It was in October or November, the weather was pretty awful, grey and rainy, but still the city was wonderful!

    • Gunilla, have only been there once before in september and had great weather .. and now we had springtime, but blue sky every day … except one. It is a stunningly beautiful city and I will go back in March and hopefully I will meet the winter, because here we have nothing, only rain, storms and dark days.

  3. Hello Vivi and Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your blog comment and lovely Christmas company – we had such a wonderful night 🙂 I hope you had a fantastic time, your pictures look beautiful! We ended up with a big bag of sweets from Captain Candy and went for a burger at ‘the Tavern’ to mop up all the wine the next day. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip and everything was sorted out with your friend. Looking forward to viewing more of your blog and perhaps hanging out in Bristol or Gothenburg! Best new year wishes 🙂

    • Hi there, thanks for a brilliant evening yourself. Couldn’t had a better company than you too. My friend is still in Prague at the hospital, but going to “pick” her up on Monday. Couldn’t get one direct flight for the last 4 days. We went inside Captain Candy, but was good girls and walked out again without buying. Going back to Prague in March, to make up for what I lost this time because of the circumstances. Had my best meal during the stay ..!dom/c1b7r – fantastic service and food .. and the wines even better than on Christmas Day. Only cost 1/3 of what that evening cost me. Really recommend it for your next visit.
      If you visit Gothenburg I will be there too. Hope to see you in Bristol this year. Happy Tomorrow to you 2!!!!!

  4. 🙂 Hi Wivi, thanks for sharing all the pictures! They’re really beautiful. I loved the MINI with the handbags on it. Do you remember if it was some special kind of advertisement? And by whom?
    Of course all the others are great, too.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend, my dear xo 🙂

    • I think it belong to a shop that sells handbags. I will check my other images if I can see the name of the shop. Saturday hug to you … and I wish you pleasant Sunday.

      • It’s a lovely thought! I’m waiting for the visit of my Polish uncle and family. I understand he will be getting married next year but I don’t yet know when. I suspect Easter but not sure. Safe travels tomorrow, hon. Be thinking about you 🙂

      • Yes, it would have been lovely … but what I understand is there not many direct flights from Newcastle to Prague. Have looked around, very poor. I love weddings, even if I don’t believe in marriage *laughing. Going to two in Kosovo this summer. I messed up my flight booking .. had to buy a new ticket for tomorrow. £150 it cost me. Thank God, I tried to check in online, because I wouldn’t got on the flight. Booked Viveka both as first and surname?????? What a waste of energy and money. *smile Me that book flights all the time. I must have been so stressed at the time.

      • Eeek! Good job you’re rich 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well, rich in spirit, anyway! It’s been a trying time for you, Vivi. Hope it all goes well when you get your friend home.

      • Jo, she just have to come with me ..!!! The thing is that the doctor is on holiday. Please, don’t it be any hick ups with that too. *smile

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