smallest chocolate factory

…. In the world, but big enough to contain a whole world of chocolate.

wet berries

On Thursday it was time for the “year round up lunch” with my friend Iris ….. we decided to just meet up in Helsingborg and take it from there.train arriving

We just walked a cross the harbor from the Central Station to the “Hamnkrogen” – a tiny cozy restaurant right on the harbor edge, 3 min walk. First visit for us.
It was a gray, wet and dark day … but it did not stop us from having a great time, constantly talking … about all or nothing.harbor view

The staff was so pleasant and friendly. We both went for a pasta salad – mine had grilled chicken and Iris had her’s with prawns instead. Very tasteful … great fresh baked bread. Coffee with biscuits was included in the price.

The place was busy and guests leaving and new arriving all the time.

When it was time to leave … Iris gave me a little Christmas gift – a beautiful box with pure goodness and pleasure, gulity pleasure. A box with world class chocolate pralines, from the chocolate factory “Chocolatte” in Helsingborg.

This little tiny factory took home both silver and gold in the Internatational Chocalte Awards in London this year; salty toffee with milk chocolate won gold and virgin mojito took silver. Two ladies behind the winning; Märta Lindohf and Hanna Assarsdotte.

The factory started in 2003 and they today do about 40 different pralines.

A truly lovely gift and the pralines I have enjoyed so far has been heavenly exquisite. Just had one with seasalt.

new destination

Last week did we got a new train destination in our county – Trelleborg, our most southern towns in Sweden, that hasn’t had a train connection for over 34 years … is back on the map.

“If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.”
Jane Seabrook

11 thoughts on “smallest chocolate factory

  1. So nice of Iris to surprise you with the chocolate. It sounds like their pralines are sought after, and that they taste out of this world. You must have been very lucky to get to eat their chocolates, and I bet by now there isn’t a crumb left behind…unless you’re saving it. What flavour did you get? 😀

    • I spoil myself with one per day … *smile – the salty one is my favorite so far .. but I haven’t tried the winning ones yet. Never heard about the factory until Iris gave me the gift. Very nice .. have to give them a visit. Have a lovely weekend.

    • Good … I don’t like jealous people. I’m doing fine … and hoping for a white Christmas, but it teams like we will miss out on that this year. How are you doing???

    • Maralee, you have to come over soon … and try it yourself!!! When you come to Sweden we have to visit a coffee company, best coffee in the world (I think), and this little factory. Both in Helsingborg.

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