a gastronomic evening – eat me, bangkok

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It is listed in the coveted list of 50 best restaurants in Asia by S.Pellegrino for a couple of years now and currently occupies the 25th spot.  A very casual beautiful restaurant with fantastic atmosphere, well hidden on a back street. Had a fantastic evening … great food … excellent service with genuine smiles  … in relaxed and lovely ambiance.  “Eat Me” was my first and only real gastronomic adventure in Thailand.

image provided by richieast.com

image provided by richieast.com

When I booked my table from their website from home, I got a very nice confirmation .. and they asked me if I wanted to dine “al fresco” and of course I wanted to. But I had looked at the weather and the prognoses wasn’t the greatest for outdoor dinning – but no rain in sight and even if it had rained the terrace was well covered.entrance

20 metres off Convent Rd | (In Soi Pipat 2),
Silom, Bangkok 10500
Phone; 02 238 0931 – reservation advised
Head Chef; Tim Butler.
Cuisine: Modern, Asian-influenced international comfort food
$$$my table

It all started with my taxi driver that made a joke about the restaurant’s name .. and he said I should eat him instead. He spoke very little English … but we manage to have a great conversion, so great that he forgotten to turn on the taximeter, until half way. The traffic was heavy .. and when I asked him what a normal fare would be, he was honest. Could compare with my taxi fare back to the hotel.minty water

At the restaurant it started of also in a very funny way, as entered the restaurant a lady welcomed me and she informed the restaurant upstairs about my arrival. Before me a young couple arrived .. and when I was seated by the restaurant manager he seated me next to them. I thought it was strange that our tables was so close to each other. I said hello to the couple and took my seat, they had a strange look on their faces.cosy

So when the waiter placed the bread on table the young couple informed him that they were expecting another couple to join them, so their must be a mistake with me sitting at their table. For me it just was a funny indecent, but the poor manager he was so  embarrassed.table setting -eat me

Anyhow I got my own table and I hope the young couples friends arrived as planned. Never checked.

The restaurant is fairly big over two level with a fantastic terrace on the first floor. On the entrance level is a small bar. There is nothing posh about this restaurant … just very comfortable and relaxing. Very, very busy!!!!top filled

Of course I ordered a Mojito as my pre-dinner cocktail – SooOOooO good. One of the best!!!!  The staff were so genuine friendly and helpful. Very attentive, but without being bothering.

My menu for the evening became:



with grated truffle

hazelnuts + olive oil

chestnut + rosemary ice creampure goodness

A lovely touch is that their table water bottles has plenty fresh mint inside and the bread is excellent.

My starter was just all about Thailand for me. Tom Yum was something new for me – never heard about before. What I understand is it clear, spicy and sour soup, a basic broth made of stock and fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers. The starter was so full flavors, just what Thai food is all about. Brilliant executed and very beautiful presented. A bowl full of goodness.asparagus and hazelnuts

With my lamb I chose an Argentinian red wine I knew nothing about and what a fantastic wine, Eresto Catena Tikal Patriota Mendoza. It was so good I went for a second glass.

The lamb …. ???!!! One of the best !!! Cooked to perfection … the knife just melted through the meat. This is also on the menu as a sharing dish, but no way!!! It was mine .. all mine.tender lamb

Dessert menu had so many goodies that I like, so I decided to chose something that I never eaten before; Moroccan M’Hannach, also called Snake cake. A traditional Moroccan dessert made with filo pastry and almond filling, scented with orange blossom water and cinnamon. M’hanncha means coiled snake, name given because of the shape. It was sweet and delicious with plenty of calories.
sweet and delicous

Before I left my table was invited to try their cacao vodka and another liqueur that I can’t recall the name on. One cold shot of each … and both went down without any problems, even if  I hesitate to the start. I think I could have another shot of the vodka without problems.bar beauties

During the dinner I had very interesting conversation with a lovely next table couple from Manila – he are living and working in Bangkok and his lady friend was visiting. “Eat Me” where the gentleman’s favorite restaurant.

When I left the restaurant I notice the beautiful small country yard beside the entrance,  full of greenery, cressets and comfortable seating. What a lovely area to end a romantic evening … *smileromantic court yard

I had a fantastic evening, maybe not romantic. But very gastronomic !!!!!

The total cost for my adventure came to 3150THB/£58/€80/$87.50/742SEK with tip. An adventure I highly recommend if you visit Bangkok.nightly sign

“In a restaurant choose a table near a waiter.”
Jewish Proverb






9 thoughts on “a gastronomic evening – eat me, bangkok

    • Loisa, it became a very memoryable evening … the staff was superb and the food was outstanding, but everything in a very special casual way. The flavors from that evening will always stay with me.

  1. I feel quite full up already, and I never ate a morsel! 😦

    Neglectful lately, Vivi- I’m sorry! Just not enough hours in the day and I should be writing cards and doing so many things 🙂 Hope all is well with you (and the sorry ass?) Christmassy hugs 🙂 🙂

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