23 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – oops

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      • Well, no, I’m not serious about picking it up. Because I am deep into writing right now. Maybe after I get this book I’m working on finished . . . I will live vicariously through blogs like yours 🙂

      • Writing???!!! Something I’m not very good at … even if I try my best through my blog – so thank you so much for your kind words. I have a medical problem that stops me from sitting down for a longer time .. and that limit my blogging so much. Try to stand up … but it doesn’t work for me.

      • I have decided that this year and next I will fully devote myself to my writing, even if it kills me LOL. Do you have a dictating machine. Or someone to give you home massages. I derive a lot of pleasure from your blog, your photographs are very expressive.

      • Massage wouldn’t help my problem as such, but I get massage from time to time. My problems is connected to the nerves around the colon that has been damage from my radiotherapy. I always say I have a “sorry ass”. Something I have to live with.
        I hope that you will be able to fulfill your dream about your writing. Thanks for you kind support of my blogs and images.

  2. Many years ago when I was lunch cook at a nice restaurant, my “oops” moments were too often getting burns from the grill, as it was one of those grills with something above as well as below.


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