sl-week 23: narrow

“The Higher the Truck,
the Closer to God”
Earl Dibbles Jr.

narrow margin

Tough topic for me this week!

But then I remembered this white truck in Chicago, only to find the right SD card … how ever the driver manage reverse this massive truck into that narrow space???!!!!

12 thoughts on “sl-week 23: narrow

  1. Hi Viveka, Thanks so much for the post card. You are so thoughtful. Your picture is amazing. I can barely back my tiny Prius out of our long, wide driveway without my husband feeling the need to come out and direct me. Have a great holiday! 🙂 Call me if you get to CA.

    • You’re more than welcome!!! I haven’t been driving since my accident in 1968 – was only 20 and it scared the “sh..” out of me. So only the thought about back a car now … make me sweat. *laughing. The same to you, Sweatheart … and I promise I will be turning up if I’m in the neighborhood. *smile

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