glühwein and ice cream – vienna in random

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”
Mark Twain

This is me back from Vienna …. 6 fantastic days, with a bit of everything … mostly special freindship, cakes, warm weather and christmas lights. And a Sunday evening of pouring rain – of course when we was visiting the Rathaus Christmas market, celebrating 30 years this year.

I’m very lucky that my pillows in Vienna are for free … staying with my friends, Carol and Robert … and in Vienna also lives my very special blogging sister and friend, Dia@HappyFace313. That I also share the dream about a transatlantic cruise with QEII together with.

She has published a great post about our fantastic day together – A Fun Filled day with My Swedish Friend

The weather was fantastic …. landed into +20C, far from normal … in November.

39 thoughts on “glühwein and ice cream – vienna in random

    • Manja, I every time I been in Vienna .. has it been very warm weather … never been this time of the year before. Couldn’t believe it was so warm. So I have been very lucky. This summer they had +37C.

  1. Happy to see you happy Viveka! 🙂 Have missed much of your travels and your fabulous galleries. Shall try and catch up. Now off to read your friends version….

    • Madhu, thanks for visiting … it has been a lot of travel this year for me … nearly a destination per month. Have really enjoyed it. Next is already building up. *smile – Love to see you!

    • Vienna, is a stunningly beautiful city … all the culture, magnificent building and the music. I hope of all my heart that you will make it there. *smile – thanks for your lovely comment.

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