sl-week 18 – sunset

With me living were the ocean docks  … I have so many evenings of gold and I can’t make up my mind … sorry. *smile

“But even the longest day wears to sunset.”
Marion Zimmer Bradley

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25 thoughts on “sl-week 18 – sunset

  1. You’re right- hard to choose! Love the ‘pink’ boats and the couple sitting on the dock and the boat sailing through liquid gold. 🙂
    How are things? Did you get shopping sorted? It’s still mild at present but not by Thai standards. I received a beautiful Bangkok sunset in the post today (even though you didn’t like the place 🙂 ) Thanks, darlin’. Monday hugs!

  2. Gorgeous sunsets, Viveka. The Dublin one is really Wow! Thanks for the music. One of my favourite pieces. I used to play this on the organ.
    I received your postcard from Bangkok yesterday. What a lovely surprise! 🙂 xx

    • Sylvia, it’s one of my favorite musical pieces too … the first time I listen to it was in a TV-program … many years ago to a stunning sunset somewhere in Italy. Glad that the card has landed. *smile

      • The first time I heard it was at friend’s funeral that I was singing for. This beautiful piece was played by a very talented cellist, and of course moved me to tears, so that I found it very difficult to sing because of the ‘lump in my throat’.

      • Sylvia, what I understand is the lyrics about searching for somebody special …. I never tought about that the lyrics will be suitable for a funeral. Sorry, for your lost.

  3. Great images, love the music, and wish you a lovely trip to Vienna! You never stop, Vivi! Oh, and thanks for the postcard, got it yesterday I think, but I’ve been in Devon so only saw it today.

    • Devon, now you made me envy. In Vienna and we have summer weather … landed into +20C. Tomorrow the Christmas Market starts. you so much – I love this piece of music and I always connect with sunset.

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