SL-week 17: sleeping rough

‘My home is a place of warmth and love.
No one should be denied a home.’
Gail Porter

 I’m not sure that my sleeping men are homeless or just tired.

But none of the images are filled with comfort.

Homelessness is something we find in any country around the world, what hurts most is that so many kids are homeless.

I know some of our homeless in Sweden are by own choice, because they don’t want to be caught up in what they call “the system”, still I think it’s very few that make that choice.

This is one of the reason why I get so upset that we spend so much money on space programs, when we have things like this to sort out down here, first of all.

Sweden 34.000

Austria 3.700

Peru  12,000

England 112,070

Philippines   1.2 million children

France 103,000 ( includes 30,000 children)

Germany 284,000

Russia 1 million children 

Australia 105,000

India  78 million 

South Africa 2.5 million 

Norway  6,259 

Japan 25,000

Canada 235,000 

USA 1.6 million to 3.5 ( 2,5 million children)

Guatemala 475,000 

and it goes on and on …. 

morning nap

Warsaw, 2015

not so fortunate

New York, 2013

sleeping youth

Berlin, 2011

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35 thoughts on “SL-week 17: sleeping rough

    • Olga, I totally agree with you … wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t need to hava any military. The thing is the whole world economy will collapse if the war mashine stops – that is the terrible truth. Really scary stuff.

    • Lulu, I know there is people that chosen to live rough … but the children haven’t made that choice. What I do???? Do you mean what I work with .. or???
      Or what I do for the homeless??
      For a couple of Christmas I worked with a girlfriend at a shelter, but not the last 2 years. So not much to be honest.

  1. Everyday I see homeless people in Chicago. Not as flagrant as in the Philippines but they are here in Chicago also. Some do it by choice but most have no means to get a home.

    • Bebs, I think it’s shame that so many people don’t have a place that they can call home. Then we spend billions on other things. Let us sort out the problems we have on earth before we start to mess up the moon.

  2. I agree with you regarding the money we spend on making and exploring more problems instead of investing it into our own planet to help those who need the most. Well written, and a great impact as well with your facts!!!

    • Thank you so much!!!!! I’m both upset and angry over all the money that we spend on our space progams … that there is no really future in. Thanks a million for your support.

      • There might, but what use will it be if we’re not developed enough to send people there, while this planet we’re living in is getting wrecked by their own habitants?! First we need to take care of THIS planet. And then we shall think about further plans… You’re very welcome ❤

    • Hi there, the journey went well and we are both back home, but I have been sick since we landed … fever and neck pain again. So this is the first day I have been up and about. Bangkok isn’t my thing … had a fantastic private tour on the last day to the most famous landmarks and that was utterly amazing, but that was all. People are so wonderful, the hotelbed was heavenly … and food great. But Bangkok isn’t worth the money and time … nothing beautiful about that city. Nothing exciting. There is much more too see and enjoy closer to home.
      Off to the doctor with my neck this morning. Friday hug

      • I hope your day had more light than my … long time since a day has been this grey. Hope for a lighter tomorrow. I wish you a lovely weekend.

      • It’s pouring today! But, hey- it’s November. I refuse to be downhearted 🙂 How’s your poor neck and the aches and pains? Sending gentle hugs. 🙂

      • Hi, not much better over here … going shopping with my Thai girlfriend .. she needs winter clothes. I wish it was better weather, but we can’t wait. She is a poor state mentally, so I have to go with her. And a pair of shoes.
        My neck is back to normal .. was at the doctor yesterday and we think both it’s cold and flue that cause the problem.Got some muscle relaxing pills. Send you a generous hug back. Let’s keep on smiling.

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