dear kitten, the art of massage

A while ago since we had some …. softness! Time again for some “Dear Kitten”-advice.


“A cat can purr its way out of anything.”
Donna McCrohan


21 thoughts on “dear kitten, the art of massage

    • I’m both dog and cat person … but who can resit a little kitten and the most handsome adult cat????!!! Same to you .. time for going to get some baht.

  1. ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds nonsense…’ so cute, Viveka. My middle ‘child’ Kitty, gives me a neck massage every night before she falls asleep on my pillow. Of course, good human that I am, I manage to squeak out one corner for myself and we go to sleep. I loved this.

    • That’s why I like cat’s … their massage that really means; I love you. When they step on us. I always sleep well when I have a pet close to me … it’s so comforting. Lucky you. One day I will have either or maybe both.
      It’s a truly lovely video .. have posted some of them before and they are all so cute and funny. That old cat is so dignified and the kitten is kitten.

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