weekly photo challenge; careful

“A garden isn’t meant to be useful. It’s for joy.
Rumer Godden

So soon I read this week’s subject … my thoughts went straight to the Shukkei-en Garden in Hiroshima, as I call the garden of umbrellas. more umbrellas

This garden was completed in 1620 and in 1940 the Asano family donated them to Hiroshima Prefecture. With being so close to the Ground Zero of the A-bomb in 6th August 1945, it was server damage, but only 9 years later it was restored and opened for the public again.

Carefully restored!!! umbrellas 1

Today the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum is located adjacent to the garden. Situated on the banks of Kyōbashi River, an oasis in the middle of a modern buzzing city.

When I visit in May this year … the weather was very nice and the sun was high on the sky most days. umbrellas

In the garden they protected their most delicate flowers with umbrellas from the sun … that is what my entry is about .. the carefulness and love of the beauty in a garden and for nature.

under the umbrella

“Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Will Bloom) – was produced to build public support for the 3.11 earthquake disaster recovery effort, in 2011.

“In the spring wind that blows softly
Over the snow-covered road.
I remember that town,
My sweet old town.

I was there chasing my dreams.
I was there trying to change myself
Now I just miss those people,
My dear old friends

I can still hear them singing
They are singing to cheer up someone else.
I can still see them smiling
Somewhere beyond the sorrow and pain

Flowers will bloom, oh yes they will,
For you, who are yet to be born someday
Flowers will bloom, oh yes they will.
What have I left behind for you?

Feeling the morning light beyond the dark night,
I remember those days
Those sweet old days.

I hurt people, I hurt myself
I wept over my lost loves.
Now I just miss those people,
My dear old friends.”


39 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge; careful

  1. 🙂 How interesting! My first thought was that the umbrellas stood for the victims of the Hiroshima bombing. – How sweet to protect the flowers with them!
    Have a good weekend. how’s your packing going?
    xoxo 🙂

    • That is the careful soul of the Japanese people. Their respect for for nature. Packing done, but I only need knickers and raincoat .. it’s going to be rain and thunder my whole stay.
      I wish you a pleasant weekend too. Regards to … K *smile

    • Sue, I’m sure that you will get there … one day, it took me a while too. Yes, checked the weather today … rain and thunder, day and night .. for all 7 days. But I have booked tours .. but I hate when I get raindrops on the lens. But after Japan I should be able to do the best of the rain too. Have a pleasant weekend, Sue …

  2. I love how you’re all instant response to the WP challenge, Vivi. 🙂 That last shot of the roses is really beautiful and I know you love this place. I can see why. It does make your heart sing 🙂 Happy weekend, darlin’.

    • Jo, the same to you ….!!!! Yes, that garden I often go back to .. because it was something I shared with myself and those umbrellas told me that we should be careful with things … so when I so the subject. Yes, the garden make my heart sing… you said it.
      Jo, I’m not sure it’s a rose … I think it’s a peony. It was too early for the roses, but it really enjoying being protected.

    • Rhonda, it have me some magical … hours and I had the honour to meet a Japanese new wed couple too – that was taking their wedding photos in the park. Hiroshima has very special place in my heart. I think the garden today is very much how it was in 1940. A sanctuary!!!

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