cee’s fun foto challenge; hats

Personal I love to wear hat …. when I was more into the fashion scene … I wore hat the whole autumn … today is only when it’s about weddings and in Sweden hat at weddings is not very common. While living in UK and on Ireland I bought a couple of hats, just for weddings … learned that the bigger wedding the bigger hat.

So this image is of me … at a wedding in Dover !! Just love this hat and outfit. Wore it at my friend Gina’s daughters wedding too, in Belfast a couple of years later.

Now is laying in it’s beautiful box – that when was purchased in London, it flew to Belfast next to the captain in the cockpit. It’s was to large for the luggage compartment.

Wivi frame

and than I found a couple of more hats in my library.

“How a hat makes you feel
is what a hat is all about.”
Philip Treacy


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19 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge; hats

  1. 🙂 Wivi, you’re wonderful – you like your things big! Love the color and the hat suits you so well!!!
    Imagining the hat in the cockpit – excellent!
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • Dia …. I think you are right. Yes, I still have the 2-piece suit in my closet and maybe I wear it if I’m invited to christening … I love it. Yes, it was a smaller plane … and the captain said it suit him perfect. It was his colour too. Evening hugs …

    • Thanks a million, Pat .. she when I came to wedding the mother of the bride told me that it wasn’t fair that I outshine her. I hope she was joking. *smile

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