another 5 years of freedom

There is many things in Sweden that we have got wrong …. but here is also things we have got fantastically right. Like this with getting a new passport!!!

I have to go to Bangkok, a little unplanned, and notice that the lifespan on my passport wasn’t good enough. Thailand require 6 months and mine was going out in the end of January.

So on Monday this week I put some make up on … fixed my hair a bit and went to the police station. No queue ..  hand it in old passport – and 10 mins later I was outside the station, all done!!! Then I also applied for an EU ID-card. passport machine - polisen se

They take the photos and they take my finger prints in a very smart little machine. But when he showed me on the machine how my passport would look like .. I got a shock!!! Never see myself looking this old when I look in a mirror, but I must do. The naked truth!!!! *laughing

On Thursday afternoon I got sms saying that both was ready to collect, in 3 days!!!!!. Just amazing. The two documents cost me total: 700SEK/€75/$85/£55.

And with the new passport in many countries I can use it Automated Passport Control, called passport kiosks .. maybe less queuing. A bit scary, because soon there will be no interaction at all with other humans when flying. You check in online .. you get your luggage tags from a machine .. and you scan your luggage yourself. I still hope we need the flight crews.

So now I have another 5 years of freedom to travel where ever I want!!! passport 1

“If you look like your passport photo,
you probably need a vacation.”


22 thoughts on “another 5 years of freedom

  1. 🙂 Hahaha! I like the saying on the bottom of your post 😀
    Getting your passport and ID so quickly is amazing. Not heard of in the country I am from!!! But the Austrians are fast, too, I heard.
    Well, I am curious why you will “have to” go to Thailand. However, I trust I’ll see you before in Vienna – big grin! 😀
    Sleep tight and sweet dreams! xo 🙂

    • Dia, going to Bangkok next week, 27th. I’m going to bring back a very good friend of mine, that isn’t feeling too good mentally. She has been living in Thailand 4 years and the last year has been tough on her and she don’t get the right treatment down there, she is so anxious to fly alone for 11 hours, so I will fly with her. Come back the 3rd of November and going to Vienna 11th-17th. Bangkok and Thailand isn’t very high up on my bucket list, but help is needed and I’m going to do the best of my 5 night visit. A big hug for week ahead.

  2. Yay for a new passport, Vivi. I’m sure the computer and machine was playing tricks on you and you look lovely in your passport photo 🙂 I am going to get my driver’s license renewed soon and I hope I can keep my old photo on the new one…but probably not!!! 😀

    • Mabel, you’re so young … why do you need to renewed your license????? I wish I could have used my old photo too, but I can see what 5 years does to us … up in my age. I can’t understand why I have my “big” eyes closed on the photo. Hate to take any photos of myself. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Went straight into my software. *smile Good luck with your photo session.

      • Lol, Vivi! I am somewhere in my twenties and I’ve had my probationary license for a while. Soon I will get my full license and I’m pretty certain I will have to get a new photo 😀 I really liked my old photo because I look twelve years old in it. Ah well 😀

        I’m sure you look gorgeous in your photos. I can feel it ❤

    • Hi there, Bangkok … ready to go. Jo, this is not my winter header … this a delayed autumn header. Need loads of snow for the winter!!!! Personal I want a bit of real winter this year … so I can use my new jacket and boots … last year nothing, 8 days in 3 months … winter should be winter. Have a lovely evening, had an arty day in Denmark today.

      • Changed my mind! Don’t want to be Swedish 🙂 Maybe from Honolulu or Hawaii, where I don’t need a warm coat 🙂 Little bit ‘under the weather’ right now. Going to have an early night. Leafy hugs! 🙂

      • Yes, Sweden is beautiful in December with all the welcome lights in the windows …. It’s not the North pool !!! I have been thinking of Hawaii lately … Not fun to read … the under the weather bit …. hope that you will feel a bit better tomorrow. Here comes a comforting hug … see you tomorrow.

      • Jo, I think that is a brilliant idea … I kicked the leaves yesterday in Denmark, had a fantastic day .. no sun, but it was no wind at all … and very pleasant. A day away can make a big difference. Go for it … so pleased the hug helped. Here comes another one.>>>>

  3. Wishing I was Swedish too! I wouldn’t have to go through the visa hassles I have to now!. Have fun in Bangkok Viveka.

    PS: Apt choice of music for the post! 🙂

    • Madhu, thank you so much .. I can image how complicate things are in some countries … even inside EU. To have a Swedish passport, make visa applications very easy too for most countries. Glad you like the old ABBA. Hard to beat their music.

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