and the singer is audra mae!!!!

traffic-surge-note-icon-256I have never really understood this with stats …. but I still don’t do.

But it have happen a couple of times lately that the viewing stats have gone record high – the last 6 weeks. And this traffic surge icon have popped up 8 times in my comment column.

And it all because of my post “feelin’ good in a vovlo” and most viewers are from USA.

The reason is that people want to know who the singer is … in the Volvo’s XC90 commercial, “New Beginning” – so it seems like it’s not only me that love this version.

So this proven we are affected by commercials and the music has even bigger influence on us. That’s why the choice of music for commercials is so important and Volvo has got it right for the second time.

First time was when our MEGA soccer player, Zlatan Ibrahimović, did a new version of  “Du Gamla, Du Fria” – but it was directed to the Swedish market. Volvo suddenly made young Swedes aware about our national hymn.

Image provided by

Image provided by

When I searched myself for the name of the singer on Google, my post comes up as 4th on the search page! So nothing to do with me being an interesting blogger. All down to Volvo and Avicii and our passion for music … I think passion for music is a lot bigger than our passion for cars, especially Volvo (trying to joke) – even if XC90 is a nice looking car.

I like Volvo!!!!!! I’m very Swedish.

Even if I’m quite up in age … do I love our MEGA star Avicii – a massive fan and he has made a brilliant version of “Feeling Good” – sorry, Michael Bublé.Audra and Avicii - youtube com

Audra Mae, born in Oklahoma City (US) 1984. She is the great-great-niece of Judy Garland.  She have also written a song for Susan Boyle’s début album. “Who I Was Born to Be” was the only original track on Susan Boyle’s chart-topping, 9 million- selling “I Dreamed a Dream” album.

In 2013, she was featured in 3 Avicii songs that were featured on his album “True” . The songs are “Addicted to You“, “Shame on Me”, and “Long Road To Hell”. She has the most amazing voice, so I understand why Tim want to work with her.

I have loved the song since I was in my late teens … and this version is one of my favorites .. 67 artist has recorded it – so here it’s again.

“I’m a DJ. I get the party started.”




12 thoughts on “and the singer is audra mae!!!!

    • Thank you … you know me – I just love music – and there is so much fantastic music out there .. and at time we find a golden seed, for me this is one of them .. and it feels good that it’s partly Swedish. Have a lovely Sunday afternoon.

      • I wish you a great afternoon and evening …. blogging. Not much weather for walking neither. Now I’m going to phone my friend in Thailand .. Skype. See you later. *smiel

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