‘reflections of the past’ – tom hussey

I just came across an series of photographs by Tom Hussey, was used for a healthcare company Novartis in their campaign for its Exelon Patch, which is used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Don’t have a clue if I’m allowed to use the photos, but I  just have too. So incredible beautiful. All images belongs to @Tom Hussey.

Thank you, Brain, for sharing them with me on Facebook.

“We remember their love
when they can on longer remember”

274_archive.jpg Tom Hussey - 2 Tom Hussey - 3 Tom Hussey - 4 Tom Hussey - 8Tom Hussey - 5 E

tom hussey - 10


31 thoughts on “‘reflections of the past’ – tom hussey

    • Hi there, Sue … you taught me new word today. Thanks .. had to look evocative up … yes, they are … but they also send a message in a very powerful way. I don’t anyone with the disease, but there so many out there suffering … and their dear ones.

  1. Vivi, you are incredible! 🙂 What a fantastic share! I’ve been quite close to this disease both with family and friends, and a part of me is convinced that I will go this way too. It’s a very scary thing, but more terrible for your loved ones.
    I like the images where the people still look happy in their old bodies. 🙂 Saturday hugs, sweetheart! Rafa lost but life goes on 🙂 (as does the ironing 😦 )

    • I just fell in love with his images!!!! So quiet and still so powerful.
      I don’t think the disease will be able to land on you … you’re never still long enough.
      I will tell you a sweet story … our CEO for Stena is the son of the founder of the company. His father I meet many times and he was clear as crystal so long as he worked, but soon after his retirement he lost his marbles.
      He has been dead a couple of years now. Last time I met the son, his mum, just died and I asked about his father. And he said something that I really took to my heart. He said – Dad is with the fairies and he has been there for years now, but he are so happy where he is – and that is all that matters to us. Then that he doesn’t remember our names … isn’t at all important.

      • We always watch The Apprentice. Funny how foolish intelligent people can be(and seriously mean 😦 ) . Sugar has done amazingly for an East End lad. Think of the travelling we could do with his money! 🙂 🙂

      • So true … there is no logic or common sense presents in those tasks and those who has, nobody listen too. Alan Sugar is amazing character, love his humor. Yes, with his money I could buy a place in all my favorite happy places .. and see the rest of the world. Nice problem.

  2. 🙂 Yes, Wivi, I agree – these pictures need to be shared! You wrote who made them, so I guess you’re ok here.
    Lovely pictures – very special. Kind of sad. Let’s hope we won’t have to go down that road.
    Many hugs and have a lovely evening! xo 🙂

    • Thanks, Dia .. and thanks for the card, arrived yesterday. Love to get cards.
      When checked on Google, there was so many of his photos being used … 100’s and 100’s of every one – so I think i’m okay.
      It’s sad .. but there is something very quite and powerful in them too. I think they are so fantastic.
      If I go down that road … I wouldn’t know about it … maybe at times it’s better that the brain goes first before the body.
      Have a lovely evening, you too. *smile

      • 🙂 True, but I wouldn’t want to have my loved ones dealing with me in a way that I don’t remember things anymore. Alzheimer’s disease sounds very scary to me!
        Happy the card arrived!
        Big hug xo 🙂

    • Oh, Sylvia …. I know … they had the same effect on me. Even if my mum was clear as crystal into the last day. I think that’s way those images are so special. We all have somebody dear … up in age.

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