bringing out my alto ego in bangkok

… and I’m exciting.

Bangkok - detentionslip org

Thailand is a very popular destination for us Swedes … we was also the visiting country that made the biggest lost during the Tsunami, 543 Swedes lost their lives – and 3 were friends of mine.

I have never had any plans to visit Thailand, because I don’t like what the country stands for .. that children can be sold for sexual abuse and that they deny that they have any cases of HIV. That goes against all my believes. Thai Airways - turizmik ru

One of my oldest friends, that has been living in Thailand for 4 years now, needs help … and I’m going there to help her, to bring her home.

It’s something that was decided this week – I offered to help out – if there is one thing I have plenty off .. is it time.silom - bangkok com

Now I’m excited over the trip .. it will give me 5 nights in Bangkok. I know maybe it’s not the best time to visit Thailand just now, but it’s now the help needs.

So it’s to unpack the summer clothes that I put away from the winter … get the sunscreen cream and the Aloe Vera Gelly out too.

The hardest thing was to decided which fantastic hotel .. and where I will be staying in Bangkok, but my choices became – Dream Bangkok in the Wattana district.

The hotel has promised me that – they provide haute couture to bring out my alter ego. I’m going to indulge  myself in some luxury  … and one of the things I will spend my money on is 60 min Swedish massage in their SPA!!! And more than once.

I’m not going to try to see everything, because it that heat and humidity I have to take it a bit easy  .. I have made a short bucket list.

*Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
*Wat Pho
*Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw
*Golden Buddha
*Soi Rambuttri (where to find the old Bangkok before the skyscrapers)

Of course I have checked out some interesting restaurants too … Eat Me, Le Du, Salva, Whale’s Belly, Long Table Sky Bar and Little Beast. I’m sure there will be some reviews made.

So on 27th I fly direct with Thai Airways from Copenhagen, a 11 hours flight … not looking forward to that stretch, but I’m today looking forward to take on Bangkok and to see my friend that I haven’t seen since 2010.

I will take off in +12C (2pm) and land in +24C (7am).

“It’s better to see something once
than to hear about it a thousand times…”


27 thoughts on “bringing out my alto ego in bangkok

    • Maralee, if it hadn’t been for my friend’s need of help – I wouldn’t gone there … now I will enjoy it. Only 5 nights. Just to get the jet lag out of the body.

  1. Wow, Wivi, you are always on the move! Have a great trip, your friend must be happy you are going out to her, and I’m looking forward to the photos and the reviews!

    • Sue, nothing that I ever thought would happen … me in Bangkok! But life changes directions at time. I’m a bit worried about the heat and humidity – not the best time for a visit, but … I’m sure there will be plenty of both. Today I have to fix a new passport, don’t have 6 months “life” on mine. Have to fix hair and put some make up on … and visit the Police station.

  2. I’m sure your friend is so looking forward to your visit. Bangkok is a wonderful city. We were there in more peaceful times. Your hotel looks amazing, and I could do with a Swedish massage or two myself. 🙂

    • Yes, my friend had a really bad year .. and she are all over the place, so I will bring her back to Sweden and hopefully the doctors can bring her back to us. The hotel is very cool and I thought that we should have some luxury before she return.The massage is very high on my bucket list. When I worked I had a massage every second week, but can’t afford that anymore .. so expensive here in Sweden. So I will .. enjoy it to 110%!

  3. viveka, you are a wonder of kindness – I’m so happy for your friend who is going to be “rescued”. Hope the humidity will not be too much – looking forward to photos of course…too. So, we are both going east! We leave for China next week, Beijing and a cruise down Yangtsekiang to Shanghai. But no one to rescue. Take care of yourself as well as your friend!

  4. That’s what they say, you will know a true friend when times are bad. You are a wonderful friend Viveka. Not every friend would do that. She’s lucky to have you. Enjoy and be careful.

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