worlds of life – mattias klum

“Art is a tool that
isn’t used enough
to effect change”
Mattias Klum

He was only 29 years old when he first made on to the cover of National Geographic Magazine, in 1997 – then he was one of National Geographic’s youngest contributors.

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Yesterday I spent some amazing hours with the Swedish Wildlife Photographer, Mattias Klum at Malmö Arena. This post is all about how I was enchanted by his work and passion.

All I knew about Mattias was that he had taken our Pince Carl Philip on some of his expeditions and that Carl Philip had to learn the tough way during those adventures – but done very well for himself as a photographer. They have also become very good friends.the first time

I was bit puzzled when I read that his photo exhibition, Världar av Liv (Worlds of Life), was hanging in the forayer of the Malmö Arena, where it plays ice hockey once a week  … and loads of other events.

But what a fantastic job they had done and his art really was displayed in a fantastic way.reef world

They split his work into sections; the reef world, the Arctic and his years in Borneo’s rain forest – with the exploitation and deforestation, how it affects the natives and the wild life. And all the images in between.

He has photographed multiple stories for National Geographic magazine, notably a 30-page feature “Borneo’s Moment of Truth” in November 2008.

Since 1997 has he produced a number of articles and twelve cover stories for the magazine, including “Malaysia’s Secret Realm” (August 1997), “Asia’s Last Lions” (June 2001), “Meerkats Stand Tall” (September 2002), “What Darwin Didn’t Know” (February 2009) and “The Bite That Heals” (February 2013).

Mattias has also in been awarded the Honorary Doctorate degree in Natural Science by Stockholm University and named WWF, the World Wildlife Fund ambassador.

Mattia’s photographs have been exhibited in one-man shows at reputable museums and art galleries in the USA, Sweden, Malaysia, India, Japan, Great Britain, Estonia, Denmark, Botswana, Spain, China and Singapore among other countries. Mattias has published twelve books, five of them available in English: Exploring the Rainforest, Borneo Rainforest, Horse People, Being There and The Human Quest. school class

Mattias Klum’s latest book ”Världar av Liv” was published in 2013. In 2007 he started his own publishing company, Tierra Grande Publishing, the fundraising Terra Magna Foundation and (Expedition Sweden), a five-year-long environment and inspiration project about Sweden and the Baltic Sea Media Project together with producer Folke Rydén.

Mattias (born 1968 in Uppsala) is a freelance photographer and film producer in natural history and cultural subjects. His wife Monica, is his business partner and co-founder.

Please, take time and watch this little video … very entertaining.

“Your story can change the world! The Terra Magna Foundation supports tidings that can make the Earth a better place to live. The world, the planet that is the very basis for all life – for us, for you, for animals and nature – the Earth that has always been there is now in the process of being destroyed. It is not as self-evident for our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren as it has been for us.”
Mattias Klum

Mattias Klum; National Geographic Explores

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7 thoughts on “worlds of life – mattias klum

    • Yes, what video … Mattias is a fantastic speaker … and so he is such lovable man, that really fight for our species … and for the nature. Great story teller too, very entertaining. Thanks for watching.

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