weekly photo challenge – happy place

“The sea! the sea! the open sea!
The blue, the fresh, the ever free!”
Bryan W. Procter

Biarritz is located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France and it has been my happy place since 1978.

biarritz lighthouse 2

great viewbiarritz beach tentsVirgin's Rockapartment with a view


33 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – happy place

    • In Biarritz -The Rock of the Virgin (“Rocher de la Vierge” in French) is connected to the mainland via a bridge that was commissioned by Napoleon III. The bridge crosses over the water and partly through the rock that was carved out. The bridge is known as the Eiffel Bridge, named after the architect Gustave Eiffel, the same man who built the Eiffel Tower. According to legend, there once was a ship that was on its way to dock when a huge storm struck, making it impossible for the ship to navigate into the port. Suddenly, a ray of light appeared and showed the fishermen a safe way to the shore. After the miracle, the fishermen decided to erect a statue of the virgin on the rock (1865).

    • Yes, you’re so right … it’s more that they embrace us ..!!! Had a great weekend, had breakfast with one of my girlfriends … that I don’t see that often. And the weather was fantastic. Been a bit busy arranging my trip to Bangkok. Time for the new passport today. Only takes 5 days. Monday hugs.

  1. What a beautiful place. Don’t we wish we could retire in some undiscovered place as beautiful as this so we don’t have to deal with the crowd and less the price.

  2. Oh I love Biarritz! My relatives live in Pau a bit more inland and we always used to go on holiday to Biarritz. The last time was for a express honeymoon just after my wedding. My hubby and I are wondering how we could manage to live there… But we haven’t found the perfect business idea, yet.

    • Hi there, Nathalie …. I been to Pau a couple of times, as a day trip… very pleasant town. I’m luck because I don’t have to think about work .. happy pensioner – but it’s the price of property that is the problem … should have bought something in the late 70’sor early 80’s. Now the prices are silly … high. Thank you so much for the visit.

      • Yeah I know that property is very expensive there. My parents were looking at a holiday place in the 90’s and never bought one there. Instead they enjoy their time in the Black Forest now. Not quite the same but fabulous as well.
        And for us, we would probably be challenged with the property prices as well, but then work is still always the first question which comes up…
        Keep enjoying Biarritz as a holiday place. Sometimes, places are only perfect because we don’t live there permanently.

      • The Black Forest … an excellent choice – stunningly beautiful area. f
        I like what you say … places are probably perfect because … we don’t live there. Like it very much and I will remember it. Very close to the truth.

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