no trumpets or cake

princess cake - arla fi

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… today. No letter from the hospital .. no phone calls from my doctors. NO CHEERING!!!!

Because today 5 years ago did I leave the hospital after my cancer treatment. Had 2 bad weeks in the end when my body just said enough is enough and shot down completely.

So somebody should declare me CANCER free today. In away I’m glad that nobody has made a fussy about it, because … I don’t trust the DEMON.

On Swedish television we have a commercial saying “doesn’t matter where they found the tumour, it will always go to the head”. Nothing is more true.

I have made it so far and … all the experts say that the chance that it will pop up again somewhere else is minimal.

Kexchoklad_sverigeshoppen com

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So how have I celebrate???? I bought myself a big chocolate bar …. a Thai take away … and I a  very nice black silk tunic. They didn’t have it in red. *smile

leather Brogues - zalando se

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And of course a pair of shoes …. brown leather Brogues.

Before my treatment my doctor told me that it could be that my taste buds will play up, so if I really like something … I shouldn’t eat it, because it could end up that I was turned off by it.

Great I thought … then I will eat chocolate … so will that guiltily pleasure be done with. But it didn’t work. Wasn’t that lucky.

It took quite a while time before I went back on coffee, wine and cheese, wine still not taste so good as it did before.

The Mojito was never affected.

Thanks to everybody that has been there during my journey … friends and professionals – and I have to say … thanks to NASA also, for the Da Vinci Robot.

Sorry, Folks, but I have plans to stick around for about 30 years. *smile

Today I’m kissing the cancer’s sorry ass goodbye … and I suppose I should accept the sorry ass it provided me with. But I don’t!!!!!!!

My thought goes out to all those that just now struggle with their recovery and treatment … to all the dear and near ones that has to be bystanders through the horrible journey. I wish you the same luck as I have. There is no heroes in war against cancer, we are neither winners or losers.

“Let me breathe
‘Cause I’m drowning in your shadow
Let me leave
Respect me, do not follow me
I can make my own tomorrow
Let me breathe

Does it make
You feel good ’cause you own me?
Does it take
Your puppet strings to hold me?
How I ache
As you’re trying to control me
Let me breathe

Let me dance
‘Til my shoes cry
Let me laugh
Let me be

Let me dance
Let me choose my life
Let me climb the living tree

Picture this
When you wake up in the morning
And I kiss
Your sorry ass goodbye
What would I miss?
There’s nothing I can think of
As I leave

Let me climb……
The living tree”cervical-cancer- com

This brilliant song .. The Living Tree – sang by Dame Shirley Bassey …. was my peep-song during my treatment. Listen to it over and over again during my chemo treatments every Monday for 6 weeks.

35 thoughts on “no trumpets or cake

  1. I’m delighted you’ll be around for another 30 (++++!) years. Selfish, I know. Your posts always delight me – like chocolate. It would, obviously, take more than a demon to defeat you.

    • ThAaAaAaAaaank You so my for your lovely comment! I hope I will be too … I’m very selfish. But I’m not sure about the demon … it’s getting a free ride on my shoulder at times, but it happens less and less.

    • Maralee, I hope I will be able to use my body and my brain as I do today .. in 30 years time. Let’s plan for that .. and see how it goes. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks, Loisa …. yes, here is to the next 30!!! Thanks for cheering me on. *smile And thanks helping me to get affected .. spelled right. *laugher

  2. Congrats Wivi – here’s to another 30 years, a ton of chocolate and gazillions more shoes! I’m looking forward to reading many, many hundreds and thousands of posts from you, and smiling from ear to ear…..

  3. Sorry I missed the un-anniversary but so happy you’re around to tell your story. You seem to me a born survivor, Vivi, but I bet it didn’t feel like that to you. And SUCH good fortune about the Mojitos 🙂 🙂 Sending big hugs!

    • Everybody missed it .. nearly myself too. Mojitos … one off the true pleasures in life. Going to Bangkok in the end of the month … decided to today, going to company a girlfriend that needs to come home for hospital treatment and she don’t feel comfortable to fly alone that long distance. Very excited of this 5 night stay. *smile Thailand I’m not a fan of … but if I have to go there I have to have a look around.

      • If I was free I’d volunteer! I’ve always wanted to see Thailand! All those temples spell total magic for me. Friday hugs! Spent this beautiful sunny day at an arboretum and now I must crack on with the second part of my Medieval Fair. Bring on the dancing girls! 🙂 🙂

      • Okay, if I need any help I know where to find it. *smile .. I will visit the Floating Market, The Grand Palace and Wat Prakaew and Wat Aru. 11 hour long flight .. to do in twice in 5 days, will be up side down.

  4. What great news, Viveka. I’m so happy that you’re doing really well and are able to travel to exotic places, eat chocolate, drink Mojitos and shop for shoes. Life is good and long may it remain so. *hugs*

  5. You are my hero Viveka! You make sure you win all the time because we know positive attitude and mind are enemies of cancer. Keep going! Looking forward to someday being able to visit you in your home turf. Take care!

    • Bebs, thanks for your beautiful thoughts … Bebs, you’re welcome anytime – I hope you feel that. I will be around, so no rush as such. *laughing

  6. I knew there had to be shoes! 😀 So very happy for you Viveka. My niece has just crossed the same milestone, so I can relate to your sense of relief. Here’s to a healthy rest of your life, filled with much happy travels! And plenty more shoes 🙂

    • I had to return the shoes … too narrow, but I will find another pair … but brown shoes is so hard to find. Not in fashion. So happy for your niece … there is many sunshine stories today – but still there is far too many sad stories when it comes to cancer. Here is good luck to your niece … and good health to us all. Travel, ice cream .. music and SHOES!!!! Hard to avoid for me. *Laughing

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