sl week 14; memory (very personal)

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”

in memory

In memory of my mum … that left me 4th of June 1913.

Millan Rubina Evelina.

Mum’s ashes was given to the ocean.

Her favourite rose was the Memory Lane Rose and her favourite tune was this, The Lonely Shepard.

Mum, I miss you!

20 thoughts on “sl week 14; memory (very personal)

  1. Oh sweetheart! The Rumi quote may well be true but it doesn’t make it any easier, does it? Sending enormous hugs! I love this music too. Thank you so much for your visit to mine today.

    • My pleasure, Jo …. !!! No this with missing … somebody special is tough at times, but most of the time I have a good relationship to it, but I talk to her so often … *smile – my mum would have loved you … she loved happy people.

      • That’s a lovely thought! This happy person is wearing a small frown this morning- bouncing rain and I need to go to Dads to clean, and worse, I’ve used up all my photo memory on the blog! 🙂 🙂 Still smiling- just! And always sending hugs.

    • Yes, we are very likeness …. in many ways and still we have been living far from each most of time. Often think about that … Mum wanted to leave, she was very tired when she died. Nearly 91. She told me 4 days before she died that the old engine was done. ~smile Thank you for your kind words.

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