coffee and cakes

…. a must when on holiday – and Gdańsk is full of temptations. coffee break

Cafés everywhere – there is the most amazing cakes on offer. There isn’t hours enough to be able to enjoy everything you lay your eye on.

The first café I visit, was on Saturday … it was so cute I couldn’t resist it. Goldwasser Coffee Shop, on  ul. Długi Targ – the main street in the Old Town. With their white outdoor furniture with red and white cushions … hard to resit. Normally I try to avoid the tourist paths when in comes to food and drink.

Goldwasser is more than a café – it has also a restaurant and vacation apartments, all located close to each other. And it’s very visible that what ever they do … they do it with high quality and class.

If it was cute outside .. the café indoors is very modern and posh – it’s upstairs in the old building.  I sat outside, even if the wind was a bit chilly.

A lot of guests had there breakfast stand even if it was lunch time.

One thing about Gdańsk, the coffee is so good everywhere. And the cakes … beautiful to look at .. and heavenly to eat.

What I understand is Café Goldwasser (they don’t have a website- so the link to tripadvisor) is  where the Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski’s wants to relax when he visit the city.watching world go bay

With my large cappuccino I had a marvelous Pavlova, something I don’t come a cross very often here at home. One of my favorites. Just sat there enjoying watching people and writing some postcards in the sun, but I think it was that which caused my neck problem. It was a bit cold. Fantastic place to watch the world go by from.

On Sunday was it time to meet up with my friends, Magdalena and Raf … but I still had plenty time before that. So I walked away from all the tourist tracks .. and on my way back to my hotel, I stopped for my treat at Pellowski’s Bakery and Café (website only on Polish). Just a block from my hostel, on Podwale Staromiejskie 82. What I understand do they have a couple of outlets around the city – one in the Old Town.

A place I notice when I passed when coming from the airport. Plenty sunshine and very busy.

The bakery was very busy and also outside nearly every table was taken. I treated myself to a chocolate cake .. and my standard large cappuccino. Sat outside the warm sun, it was like any summers table view

I notice that the street  lampposts outside the café had their logo and name. That is very classy!!!!!

My last coffee treat I had when I visit the ECS – Europejskie Centrum Solidarności. The most powerful building I ever been visiting. Not that I have visit that many. *smile ECS inside

After walking around learning about how the Polish people manage to break away from Russia without one weapon. The most amazing exhibition I ever been to. I could die for a nice cup of coffee and a CAKE. So I went to the café on the entrance level.

Had a big jar of home made lemonade, cappuccino and a cake they called fruit foam .. the girl that worked there was so lovely and she really put her soul into the presentation. There I sat trying to congest everything I seen and heard.

I was taken (and still are) with everything about the building and what it stand for. But I will come to this in a later post .. can’t just not get my head around how do the post to make my experience justice.

One thing I lost out in Gdańsk was their ice cream (not like me) – during my first hours in the city I saw this amazing ice cream parlour, but it was too close to diner time and I but never made my way back. I had planes to go after lunch on my last day, but had a dessert with my lunch and my neck didn’t feel for walking neither … so that is a MUST for next time.

“Let them eat cake.”
Marie Antoinette

piece of cake

19 thoughts on “coffee and cakes

    • A-C, thank for asking …. have been pain free since Friday, but Friday I was scattered. So life is good again.
      I wouldn’t mind a piece of cake now … *smile

      • How dare you spend time in Denmark without me ??????!!!!! *laughing – yes, they know their food in Denmark. Where were you??? I have Aarhus on my bucket list after reading SAS flight magazine.

      • We stayed at Schaeffergården, Gentofte, and visited a museum there (Finn Juuhl’s house) and of course the Cisterns as well. Walking, laughing and eating and drinking…

      • Sounds like a perfect weekend to me … walking, laughing, eating and drinking .. what more do we really need???? I have to admit I didn’t have a clue who Finn Juuhl is … now I know. *smile – learn something new every day.

  1. One of my favourite songs. Right now I opened a few blogs, including yours. When the song started I thought my amore is playing it for me (because he knows). I was feeling all sweet on the inside for this action of his. And then he said: “No, I’m not playing anything!” And I said, oooooooooh, it’s Viveka. Again. 😀 I have never heard this version, too. Thanks!

    • Bob Dylan’s song, but I couldn’t find his version on soundcloud, has all to do with copyrights, but I think this is a great version. It’s not a song that you hear very often today. My pleasure, Manja.

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