a very special place – bellevue restaurant, gdansk

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“Here is a simple but powerful rule:
always give people more than
what they expect to get.”
Nelson Boswellleaving

What a fantastic place!!!

Bellevue Restaurant (only Facebook)
Targ Rybny 10,
80-838 Gdańsk, Poland
Phone: +48 511 597 050

Cuisine: Modernd Polish and Scandinavian – €€

I had read about the restaurant on website called – inyourpocket and only 6 min walking distance from my hostel and not directly on the tourist path. bellevue restaurant

I went there on Saturday night and the little restaurant was packed and at first glance I didn’t think I would get a table, but one of the adorable girls found me one.

Knew that the food wouldn’t be rushed so had plenty to enjoy the great Mojito, they served me.bellevue mojito

My menu for the evening came to:

Szaszłyki z baraniny z miętowym tzatziki i sałatką \z cieciorki
Lamb shashlik / mint / tzatziki / fresh lettuce

Żeberka wieprzowe w domowym sosie BBQ, z zasmażanymi buraczkami i opiekanymi ziemniakami
Spare ribs / homemade BBQ sauce / cooked beetroot / herbs baked potatoesLamb shashlik spare ribs

I had a great red wine with my meal – I think it was Chilean, but not too sure.

The Lamb shashlik was perfect seasoned and the home made tzatziki very good. Really enjoyed the starter, but I was only half way through my starter when my main course arrived for some reason. My waitress said that she had tried to stop the chef, because it was far too early.

I think the chef was a bit stressed over all the main course that was going out to the table next to me … 7 main and they had been waiting for a while, so he thought he will do me a favour and do mine first.bellevue

So I felt a bit stressed too, because I didn’t want my ribs to get cold.

The ribs was superb, thick and very meaty. Love the BBQ sauce. And the combination with the beetroots excellent, but I was a bit off because of it arrived so early.

The 3 girls that was serving was fantastic … so funny and entertaining. They really tried to keep me in a good mode, which they succeeded with.nice shot

I wasn’t able to have a dessert because of the collision with the starter and the main. But I had a cappuccino, that was very good and with that we treated me with a hot liqueur shot with whipped cream on top. Very yummy!!!!  If I don’t remember wrongly they told me that it was Galliano in the shot.

They girls and I started to talk about my blog .. and we had a great time. The poor chef, he was very quietly sneaking down to change .. the girls said that I had my chance to sort him out, but done was done.wet outlook

I promised the girls to be back for lunch before I left and so I did on Tuesday before departure, and the rain started to fall so soon as I entered the restaurant … but had stopped when I left. wet outside

I felt very poorly because during the night I got terrible neck and shoulder pain, had taken a lucky pill.tea time

When my waitress saw that I wasn’t feeling good she made and treated me with a most fantastic glass of hot tea with cloves and fresh orange – me that don’t like the taste or smell of tea … drank it all and it was very GOOD! Didn’t taste tea at all. Just that she tried to ease my situation … what a wonderful gesture.

For lunch I had “Sałatka zpolędwicą wołową i domowym vinaigrette”  – Beef/ lettuce /cherry tomatoes/ fresh vegetables – beautiful beef salad … got 4 big pieces of the most tender beef.

Only thing was that the plate wasn’t suitable for the salad, because when I cut the beef … the plate tipped over. Told the girls about it.beef saladdessert sauce

I also had the Crème brûlée z palonym cukrem (100g) – Crème brûlée – that I wasn’t able to have on Saturday … Yummy-Yummy!!!!!

With my cappuccino I got treated with a shot of home made Limoncello. I wasn’t sure if I was going to drink it when I had taken a lucky pill just before lunch, but I think the tea and that Limoncello was the reason that I survived my journey back to Sweden. Didn’t feel any pain until I was on the train from Copenhagen Airport to Landskrona. Limoncello

I must say I have never been served and given so much tender-love-care on a restaurant before … and if you ever visit Gdańsk – promise me you visit them, you will not be disappointed.

This little restaurant has got special place in my heart and they really live up to Nelson Boswell’s quote.  Maybe the chef messed up … but that is not the end of the world, when everybody else really give away so much of themselves. For me those little extra steps that makes the difference … to feel cared for … is worth everything. It’s priceless!!!!!

I forgotten to ask abut the Norwegain and German connection … that showed in the restaurant. Next time.

Dziękuję bardzo za życzliwość!!!!

rainy view

24 thoughts on “a very special place – bellevue restaurant, gdansk

  1. 🙂 It all looks very delicious and the restaurant’s team seems to be extraordinary. How sweet of them to make you a special tea for you to get well quickly.
    I just had my ice cream,so this time I’m not hungry when reading your foodie post 😀
    Sleep tight, hope all is good?! xo 🙂

    • Yes, they are so considering … never before has a restaurant been concerned about my well being. The girls are so lovely, but I think it’s because they enjoy their job … and that they have freedom in their job. Just like it should be. Sleep tight and dream carefully. *smile

  2. I think you bring out the best in people, Viveka. That is why you get such wonderful service. I wish they could see this review; they should be so very proud of everything you wrote. Wonderful review and both dinner and lunch sound delightful.

    • Loisa, thank you so much … I must admit that I have heard that before. During my cancer treatment the hospital staff said the same. It really warms my heart … thank you.
      They don’t have a website .. so I have posted it on their FB page ….
      That glass of tea, really because so special. Just the thought that this young girl cared about my well being.

  3. Duly noted and recorded. I loved the way the staff treated you. I’m going to hope my main crowds on the heels of my starter when I visit. I’m sorry there was pain mixed with all this pleasure.Has it gone now?

    • Doing fine now, thanks .. I got the pain just before bedtime – my last night. Something I get at times .. I think it has something to do with instead of a cold. 5 days it takes about to ache out off the body. Terrible. Thank you for asking.
      The restaurant is a gem too.

  4. If I ever get there I will be visiting this little restaurant for sure, Vivi. One shot intrigues me! The wet bench in a ‘blur’. I love it! 🙂 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!

  5. This sounds like a restaurant with first class service. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling too good the second time round, but that you felt much better after eating there again. The waitresses were certainly very attentive, going all out to make their customer happy.

    I love all these food and drink shots you took, Vivi. They are simply stunning and look good enough to be in a food review book (I am not kidding. They are very well done and bright. So much clarity in the close ups). It didn’t sound like the staff minded at all that you took photos. What a lovely place 🙂

    • Mable, thank you so much for your … lovely comment. When it comes to food .. and all my years working as chef .. maybe it helps me when I take photos. Most times restaurants doesn’t have the light … so the images are wasted. Here I was lucky. I don’t ask if I can take photos … on the food I will pay for.
      Yes, it is a true gem and I think the staff enjoyed working there … because they are so happy .. and I think their boss gives them freedom in their work and that is why they care about their customers too. My waitress was a little Florence Nightingale … that tea and that shot really eased my problem and pain or maybe it was that she cared that helped. Thanks again for your heartwarming comment.

      • And lucky you were with these photos. I’m sure if the restaurant discovered this lovely post you wrote, they would love it ❤

        Food and drink always tasted best when it's prepared with lots of love and thought. You are certainly loved and thank you for sharing this lovely experience with us.

  6. I’ve been suffering from the same thing since Wednesday. The pills haven’t helped much. Last night when I was visiting with my daughter I had to run out and buy some Icy,Hot patches. They gave me some relief and I’m starting to feel better today. I think you’re right about it being a cold in the muscles (a virus). Having a little wine with the pain pill that I was taking temporarily relieved me of some of the pain when I was out for dinner with my husband. My friends call that a Marilyn Munroe Cocktail. Nice to know that there are still caring and attentive staff working in restaurants all around the world. Sounds like a very special place with fantastic food.

    • I really feel for you …. there is no words to describe the pain. I’m 100% sure that it’s a cold that goes straight into the body. A year ago I had it 3 times in 6 weeks, I was suicidal and high as a skyliner on all the pills I took.
      This time I took NeoCitran – and it eased … plus I have got a good sleeping pill that helped me make it through the nights. I think because of the NeoCitran it only took 3 days .. normally it take up to 5-6.
      I love the Marilyn Monroe Cocktail … have to remember that one. I hope that you will be free from yours … soon. The girl that served me for lunch .. was one of the kind. *smile

  7. My sister just left Gdansk early this morning. I wish I had known to tell her about this place. Meeting people like you met make all the difference when you are traveling. I sent her the link to your blog for the next time!

    • I hope she had the same fantastic time as I had. So much to share. Doing my best.
      A pity about the restaurant … but as you say … next time.
      When traveling alone you meet so much people that make an impact on the visit for life … that never seem to happen when having a travel mate or being in a group.

      • That’s true–it’s very easy to stay in the comfort zone of familiar faces when traveling with companions. But even so, many travelers who are alone do not extend themselves, and I consider you very brave and adventurous for doing so.

      • You know, when I was finished with my cancer treatment .. I thought the world is mine … and it’s all up to me to take it on … my way – and still I’m able to do it .. money wise, because I have all the time in the world.
        So this year I visited Japan and Hong Kong.
        I agree it’s all down to myself .. to be susceptible for people I meet and I have to make things happen. Thank you for the kind words.

      • After her cancer, my sister’s whole view of the world and her life changed, and she lived accordingly. How long ago was it that you finished your treatment. I have always wanted to go to Japan, and hope to get there someday. How wonderful that you are out in the world, living life to the fullest!

      • I will be declared healthy … by now, but haven’t heard anything from the hospital. 2010, August to beginning of Oct.
        So glad that your sister has the same attitude to life after her cancer journey.
        Japan is one amazing country … heated toilet seats that plays waterfall or bird song for you. *smile I have still posts to do. Done a couple.

      • Go glad that you are doing so well. My sister has now been recovered for over five years, and that bodes very well for the future! I will keep an eye out for one of those toilet seats!

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