neptune in his glory

neptune 2

“Bacchus hath drowned more men than Neptune.”
Thomas Fuller

I don’t know what fountain in the world is the most photographed one … but I wonder if the the Neptune fountain in Gdańsk isn’t one of them. At least every time I passed it, day or night, there was shots taken. It was so hard not to.neptune 9

Neptune’s Fountain was designed by Abraham van den Blocke. Model figures was made ​​by Fleming Peter Husen, because van dem Blocke didn’t coped with the preparation of a model casting.

The statue dates from 1603-1633, it took 17 years to finish. Fontanna Neptuna it’s called in Polish.

Like most of Gdańsk, was the fountain damaged during the WWII and then disassembled for protection. Taken to Parchowo k. Bytowa, the canopy and the base was walled with bricks, was restored and reopened July 1954.neptune 3

According to legend, anyone who comes to town for the first time, he must kiss the statue below the back. I didn’t know that at the time and even if I had – I wouldn’t be able to climb up.


6 thoughts on “neptune in his glory

  1. It’s a good-looking statue, Vivi, but it doesn’t look too inviting for climbing on 😦
    Lovely restful piece of music for Sunday morning 🙂 Did you ave a good night’s sleep? That 3rd shot in the gallery is my favourite.

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