my supermoon

here I comeThey say it happens once per generation … that we have a supermoon. The one I had yesterday while I visited Sopot, Poland, with my friends was far from bloody or red, but it was massive. before the entrance

We had a beautiful evening … after a beautiful day … and the moon was in a hurry to show off, because he came out before the sun had gone down. The sky was in lilac and pink. I can’t remember when I experience a sunset like the one yesterday. supermoon

It’s hard to give the moon justice … how can we explain the size of the moon???? But look at the tanker in the the horizon in comparison with  the moon, that is even further away.

massive moon

It was so breathtaking beautiful …. pure magic.

Supermoon 2015 – thank you for a magical moment, my last image of you.

magical moon 1

“The sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul.”

42 thoughts on “my supermoon

    • Yes, it was pure magic …. only once have I seen a bigger moon and that was in Nagasaki 1979 and it was red – I think I have been luck to had two Supermoon lunar eclipses, but I’m very old too. *smile
      I only wish that my images would give the moon all the justice ….

    • Yes, we all out on the pier … was just standing there as it raised from the low clouds … and the moonlight behind the clouds, before the moon came out. It was pure magic.

  1. Beautiful shots! I didn’t even try as I’ve never had any luck with them. Besides there are just way too many distractions where I live – house roofs, trees.

    • Oscar he has a magical lens …. but I have to be very steady on my hands, so hard when he is working in full length.
      But you can do it .. only need to practice – god knows how many images I have taken of the moon .. that has come to nothing more than the delete button.
      Thanks a million, Bebs!

      • I normally would be curled up in bed too but I was utterly determined to capture the eclipse if we were set to have clear skies! I feel so fortunate that we did and I’m blessed to have a supportive hubby who came out with me to help carry my gear, pour tea and keep me company 😀 Finally finished my montage this evening so do please have a look!

      • Yes, me and the moon goes back to I was a child … my mum always said that I’m full of moonlight. I would love that to be true. *smile
        But I wouldn’t be able to be up for hours like you, but you got a fantastic result … the moon and I see each other at least once per month.
        I’m very pleased with my supermoon. Thank you for your support.

      • I couldn’t have done it without Simon’s help! I slept for part of the afternoon. Nights are often quite sleepless for me too. That’s such a wonderful thing your mum said to you 🙂 I think the moon captures the imagination of many children. I’ve loved gazing at the moon since childhood too 🙂 Even our two cats are named after moon goddesses! Now we need a solar eclipse to go with the moon 😉

  2. Magical, Viveka! Awesome colours and shots. Here the moon was surprisingly small – I could not tell if it was bigger than usual. But I went out to wait for it at 3 in the morning – and he gradually turned like a blood coloured orange. Beautiful, but not magical like yours!

    • A-C, I never thought about that it would go red later or earlier … for me this massive early evening moon was so magic. I was sleeping at the time, I knew it should happen, but I never gave it a thought.
      Even if I remembered I don’t think I would try to stay awake. I hope you will publish your sun too.
      Have a lovely week … going home this evening.

  3. What a sky! I love this post! Images, music, boats, everything! 🙂 I was just in the middle of writing this and the phone went and I jumped out of my skin! A friend from way back and we had a good natter, so when I came back I read your lovely post again. Fabulous! Sweet dreams, Vivi! 🙂

    • Hi there, thank you so much for your LOVELY comment. Back home now with a seriously sore neck, can hardly move my head. Started on Monday evening … don’t know how I made it home yesterday. Nothing new for me, but it doesn’t make it less painful.
      It was a wonderful evening we had in Sopot, I want to go back there next year … I think I know Gdansk inside out .. by now. Taken far too many images of all the same stunning buildings. When I feel better I will start sharing. Need a hug, Jo!!!!!! *smile

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