me and my special friend

European Solidarity Centre

Today I spent some hours in the most powerful building I ever visit, the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk. There will be more about my visit. I guess a lot more.

As I was leaving there was some men and woman arranging and blowing up plastic bags with children’s drawings on. I just had to stop and talk to them. It’s children at the age 4 and 5 has express how they look at “me and my special friend”. 3000 bags they have to put up and blow up. They were very busy.

I think all the drawings was made by children in Gdansk.

“We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see.“
Winnie the Poohmy special friend 6

14 thoughts on “me and my special friend

  1. Solidarnosć! I’m always excited when I see this word in all its red glory. I saw the original poster in the Wilanòw poster museum, and got caught up in a huge march in Warsaw a few years ago protesting about wages and conditions where the solidarity flag was flying. I look forward to more about the building, but for today I love the plastic bag art.

    • This building and the history about the Polish people without any weapons breaking free from Russia is so powerful and enormous.I wouldn’t call the building beautiful …but it’s and you feel very humble for it being on the outside … but even more when you come inside it. It’s massive and breathtaking … very powerful but peaceful will all the fresh greenery and the rough metal … all the windows! Had an amazing day.

  2. You are probably home again, Vivi (just 🙂 ) and I’m still catching up. Nothing quite like a special friend! They look brilliant, those bags. Glad you had a great trip. Looking forward to reading more.

    • Yes, I love the idea with the bags … but I’m not sure that the man was right that they will hold the air … I hope so. Had a fantastic time and I promise you will be feed up with my post about Gdansk.

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