a memorable evening – dreigut , berlin

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“DREIGUT Restaurant”
Uhlandstraße 171,
0719 Berlin,
Phone: 030 88625300

New German Cuisine: €€-€€€
Head Chef: Johannes Seidlmenu

For our last evening in Berlin, I again chose,  a restaurant in short walking distance from our hotel. “DREIGUT” had fantastic reviews everywhere so the chose was easy. Again a very small and cosy restaurant with a few tables outside too. Not very busy, but doing okay for being a Sunday evening, both indoors and outdoors was table taken.

Our waiter, Sebastian, a very pleasant young man that are speaking perfect English – later we found out that he had been working 4 years on Bahamas. Dreigut - outside seating_

The menu was small, but well put together. They also offer a set menu. And they advertising beef called “MOOQ”, that I know nothing about – but with help of Google I found out that it’s a very high qaulity of beef.

When Anna-Liisa ordered her gin & tonic she was offered to try a Cucumber Gin & Tonic .. and I asked if could get my Vodka & Tonic in the same way – that I don’t regret doing that .. so refreshing and there was also rose pepper corn in the drink. vodka & tonic with cucumber_ I don’t know what was wrong with Oscar and me in Berlin, we didn’t manage to get many images right …  not even okay. Maybe we was too tired after all “touristing” during the days. So for this post I have borrowed some images again.

My menu for the evening:




Images provided by tripadvisor.com

Images provided by tripadvisor.com

The soup was absolute delicious and just the right amount. The “Wiener Schnizel” …. the BEST I ever had – the breadcrumb was light and crisp and the meat was so tender … I’m not an expert on “Wiener Schnizel”, haven’t eaten that many, because the breading had always been a disappointment for  me and the schnizels has always been far too big.best wienerschnitzel ever

At “DREIGUT” it was right for me on all counts, 12/10. Love capers and anchovy with my schnizel. The seasoning was perfect too. The little cucumber salad was just like the one my grandma did her’s for every Sunday veal steak dinner. The schnizel was a real treat.

The Buttermilk cream was excellent … a little tangy and very refreshing. Perfect ending!!!!!

Image provided by DREIGUT's Facebook page

Image provided by DREIGUT’s Facebook page

For wine we had Melot 2013, Plô Roucarels, France – excellent wine – fully body, but not overpowering.

Before the bill we was treated on a Basil Martini, by our delightful waiter, Sebastian. Wow …. it is a cocktail that I will never forget … served in a frozen glass. I thought that basil will be too powerful, but it’s awesome. Without any problem could I had a second one, but the thought about start packing when we was back on our room, made me think twice. basil martini_

We couldn’t had a better finish on our fantastic 5 night stay in Berlin, 5 days that gave so much to remember. So many impressions to melt.

I really recommend this little restaurant .. you will not be disappointed and service was TOP CLASS! We had a very memorable evening in more than one way.

Wir werden nicht vergessen!!!

“One martini is all right.
Two are too many,
and three are not enough.”
James Thurber

Images provided by DREIGUT's Facebook page

Images provided by DREIGUT’s Facebook page


7 thoughts on “a memorable evening – dreigut , berlin

  1. Dear Viveka,

    many thanks for the review again, its just so amazing. This feedback means a lot to us and it is a privilege to serve guests like you were.

    We do hope that whenever you are back to Berlin, we will have the chance to see you and welcome you in the restaurant again.

    Best regards, and take care!


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