another brick in the wall – a story about 25 years protest and poetry

“The Wall was brought down,
not by Washington or Moscow,
but by courageous people from the east.”
Gerhard SchröderEast side 1

This with the Berlin wall … is so hard to accept and understand that a city once have been divided with a wall that separated friends and families for year …. that maybe would cost your life if you tried to escape. 100,000 citizens of the GDR tried to escape across the inner-German border or the Berlin Wall between 1961 and 1988. More than 600 of them were shot and killed by GDR border guards or died in other ways during their escape attempt. . There was “shoot-to-kill” order. Gabriel Heimler- Wall climber_

What a inhuman solution on a political problem.

Historians have long argued over whether East German leader Walter Ulbricht or his Soviet counterpart Nikita Khrushchev was ultimately responsible for the construction of the Berlin Wall.Gerhard Lahr- Berlyn

But which of the two men was responsible for the construction of the Berlin Wall on Aug. 13, 1961? Whose idea led to a 165.7-kilometer (103-mile) bulwark — a monstrous barrier of concrete and barbed wire, surrounding the western section of the city, armed with watchtowers and booby traps?Günther Schaefer- Vaterland

I know for sure that is was Roland Regan that said the magical words to Mikhail Gorbachev  “Tear down this wall!” in 1987. Two years later it finally happen, 9th November 1989. I was living in Canada at the time it happen and I remember I was screaming of joy when they showed it on TV.

On some places in Berlin you can in the pavement were the wall had been – there is a darker shade in the pavement, but there is also a 1316mtr stretch of the wall still standing that is today an art gallery, called the East Side Gallery. The standing remains of the wall has art on both sides, it goes along Mühlenstraß was the wallMühlenstraße_

The wall wasn’t that thick, it’s amazing that a thin wall could separate people and even cost people their lives.

We took the S-bane to  Berlin Warschauer Straße station and walked for about 10 min, but you can also start at Berlin Ostbahnhof. The East Side Gallery is a great momentum over what really happened in Berlin. 118 artists from 21 countries the have expressed their anger, relief and hope. The wall is painted on both sides. The painting of the wall started in 1991. A story about 25 years protest and poetry.Dmitri Wrubel- My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love

To walk along the wall was a mixture of relief and sadness … but also joy over that it belongs to the history today.Susanne Kunjappu-Jellinek- Curriculum Vitae

A committee was founded in 1996, this association is committed from the outset for the permanent preservation and protection of the East Side Gallery, a. All artists who had in 1990 a picture on the wall in the Mühlenstraße painted, are members of this association, if they do not contradict this. Your interests to safeguard their images and conserve the East Side Gallery are represented by the Board. They have a shop at the wall and carry on the protection by only donations and what they merchandise.

There is also a museum that holds among other things, the first taxi and the first car that passed the “border” after the wall had fallen.

Now we let the art talk for itself.

Visiting the “East Side Gallery” also gave us the chance to see the beautiful Oberbaum Bridge (Oberbaumbrücke) is a double-deck bridge crossing Berlin’s River Spree, considered one of the city’s landmarks. It links Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, former boroughs that were divided by the Berlin Wall, and has become an important symbol of Berlin’s unity.Oberbaum Bridge 1

The lower deck of the bridge carries a roadway, which connects Oberbaum Straße to the south of the river with Warschauer Straße to the north. The upper deck of the bridge carries Berlin U-Bahn line U1.Oberbaum Bridge

10 thoughts on “another brick in the wall – a story about 25 years protest and poetry

  1. Such a strange world we live in Vivi! There seem to be barriers everywhere these days. Hope life is good with you? The wedding was wonderful, the weather not so great but dry xx

    • Yes, tell me about … it .. so my evil still around, will we never learn. I’m doing okay …. taking off to Gdansk on Friday.
      I can image that a Polish wedding is something special .. invited to 2 wedding in Kosovo next July, so excited.
      So long as it doesn’t rain we have to be thankful. Have a really nice day today. Delight yourself.

      • Yes, like a small yacht and a big tanker … *smile
        I wish I had friends everywhere … than I would travel all the time, but I have a very special friends at special place called Hartlepool *smile

  2. 🙂 I like pictures and I like to hear you talk (or read what you write) about the former Berlin wall. I remember traveling from Hamburg to Berlin several times by car. They took your passport away when you entered the GDR and when you arrived in Berlin, they handed you your passport back when leaving the GDR. And all the time you couldn’t drive faster than 100km/hour. And the Trabbi’s passed you with a 103km/hour, but they weren’t fined for “speeding” while us “Wessies” were.
    Oh, gosh, it’s so long ago but never will be forgotten.
    Big hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Yes, this with the Berlin wall was horrible …I’m so amazed with the rebuilding of the East side … it’s like nothing ever had happen in Berlin. So I think it’s fantastic that they have kept this stretch of the wall .. where people can express themselves .. on the other side if free from anyone and everybody.
      I can image it was scary to pass the border in those days. Agree with you … let us never forget. Big lunch hug.

    • Sylvia, welcome back …. have been thinking of you! Glad you got the postcard. Yes, Berlin is a fantastic city … would move there. Easy to have a good time in Berlin. Yes, now I should be a little more wiser. *smile

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