butterflies by gimp

gimp - gimp orgLast evening I started up my NEW netbook, my coffee drinking one is wasted … and then I needed some soft wares added to it. I can’t see myself using Lightroom on this 11,6″ screen.

I have used GIMP before, but my main program has been Photoscape – both are free. GIMP does a lot more than Photoscape and are closest to Photoshop with loads of creative features. So I have downloaded both. Photoscape-

Late last evening I started to play around with one of the images I have posted here on my blog, because I don’t have any images yet on the unit.

Here is the result.





“The caterpillar does all the work,
but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”
George Carlin

Images provided by and thanks to: gimp.org & iconshut.com

16 thoughts on “butterflies by gimp

  1. 🙂 Ooooh, I like that! But my laptop is getting too small for all the programs, I think. I guess I will need a new, a bigger computer one of these days. So long my little electronic friend will have to do without.
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday evening and a big hug to you xo 🙂

  2. Don’t have time for a proper catch up yet, and haven’t a clue where you are (you’re MUCH worse than me 🙂 ) but the title of this proved irresistible and I will investigate further when I get back from Poland. Shame about the coffee incident but you’re off and running again. 🙂 Just wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday, wherever you’re spending it, and thanks for my lovely Istanbul PC. Birthday hugs! Would send cake but no forwarding address 😦

    • Jo, thank you so much …. had a great day today … full summer with sunshine, blue sky and small light clouds.
      Had day in Potsdam with at least 6 beautiful palaces …. just amazing. 30 min with train from Berlin.
      My birthday I spend walking along the East side of what is left of the Berlin wall, that is an art gallery today. And were treated a great evening by my friend … at a Scottish owned restaurant. But I haven’t had any cake at all yet … but I will have one tomorrow and I will send you the bill.
      Have a lovely time in Poland and we can catch up on your return. And a big feeling good hug.

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