editing a dragonfly


I don’t think I ever been so close to a dragonfly …. as I was during our lunch at Bjaelkehuset in Frederiksberg, Denmark … on Tuesday – but still if it was just sitting there and let us take image after image, it wasn’t that easy to get a good shots … I think it was because of the light or maybe because of me. And it was a massive model too.dragonfly

So with Lightroom on 30 days trail, I thought that will be fixed in no time – how wrong wasn’t I.

Over and over again, for couple of hours  … but I don’t think I can get it any better than this!

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat”
Ann Landers

dragonfly 4

16 thoughts on “editing a dragonfly

    • Thank you, Maralee … the wings so hard to see.Tried to highlight them from behind … but !!!!! So where does all those magical images of dragonflies … come from ????!!!!

    • Andy, same for me … but this one was just sitting there – like it was enjoying the attention and it was big as a saucer.
      But so difficult to get a great shot of, because the wings was totally transparent.

  1. Oh thank you! I downloaded Lightroom yesterday and spent a bewildered hour twiddling and wondering what it would do that the familiar iPhoto or Picasa wouldn’t. These comparison shots of yours make me think it’s worthwhile persisting.

    • Hi there, I have still not made up my mind .. because it’s a lot of money, but after been playing with it a couple of days now .. it’s a great program, but there is very good once out there for free … like GIMP.
      Still have 14 days on the trail. Let me know how you’re getting on and Good Luck!

  2. I think it looks great, what you have accomplished with the dragonfly! I have only heard good things of Lightroom – but of course those grand programmes take some time and practising…i have never tried Gimp, but people say it is good – and for free.

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