a lovely day below and above

IMG_1491Yesterday I had a date with A-C@To See a World in a Grain of Sand in Copenhagen. We try to have a date a couple of times per year and for this date she suggested that we should visit the “Cisternern” (The Cisterns) in one of the beautiful suburb areas surrounding Copenhagen, Frederiksberg

I read very split comments about the Cistrens on TripAdvisor, say it wasn’t worth the detour from the Copenhagen. I tell you it was worth the nearly 2 hours travel from Sweden.in waiting

Buried deep beneath Søndermarken Park’s beautiful green grass in the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen is a massive underground space, where daylight never reaches.

The Søndermarken Park in itself is the most fantastic green oasis with buzzing traffic all around it.park view

I had never heard about it before, so I of course use Google to find out more and it looked very inserting. The Cisterns, the former water reservoir beneath the green grass of Søndermarken park in Frederiksberg.

A little more modern version of the famous Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. Basilica Cistern was built in 476 and the Cisternerne was finished in 1859, it only took 3 years to complete.

1933 the Cisternerne stop providing Copenhagen with drinking water and they were finally drained in 1981. It could hold as much as 16 million liters of clean water.Cistern 6

In 1996, in connection with Copenhagen’s status as European City of Culture – and through a joint initiative between the City of Frederiksberg and gallery owner Max Seidenfaden, who ran The Cisterns as a museum of modern glass art from 2001 to 2013 – the underground water reservoir was put to use as an exhibition space.

Once the spacious venue was the city’s cisterns filled with 16 million liters of drinking water, but now the water is gone and has been replaced by art exhibitions and various events about the architecture and unique climate.Cistern 7

Throughout 2015 the water return to the Cisterns, that has 4.320 square meter underground space.

We took our time down under and our cameras was struggling because of the darkness, Oscar got lens problem all the time – but both A-C manage to get some good images.

Down in “The Citrens” it was so peaceful, no voices or noise, only the sound for the water and the well directed lights No stress .. everyone walked very slow through the citrens. It was very cathedral like.

After our 1,5 hour down below it was time for toilet visit and a good lunch. I had read about this little cozy little restaurant that was on the edge of the park with traditional Danish cuisine. Bjaelkehuset.IMG_1422

It was very easy to find and with the lovely warm water, even if we didn’t have any direct sunshine, we were able to eat outside. Really nice place with checked table cloths and very friendly service. During our lunch we found out that our waiter also was the owner of the place and Swedish. He lived in Denmark since 1997. IMG_1406

A-C had a Danish Frukost (Lunch) platter … with different lovely toppings to make her own ” smørrebrød” – Dansih open sandwiches and I took the opeturinty to delight myself with a very typical and traditional dish, calf liver with bacon. I can’t remember when I saw calf liver on a menu last time.

Of course we had Danish iced snaps to go with out delights.snaps

After lunch we decided to walk the full park and it’s a big park. We met many puppies and dogs, baby prams and joggers. When we arrived to the park their was some mother fitness classes going on in one of the parts of the park. People enjoyed just the beautiful surrounding and one man took his lunch nap on the edge of the park’s fountain. The sun came out at times. We also meet a young couple together with their photographer, we guess, it was going to be a photo session for an engagement photo.

We wanted to visit the Castle that today is locate on the other side of a busy road and beside the Copenhagen Zoo. Stunning building, but not open for the public – today a military officer school.summer's last roses

Started to make our way back to Valby Station for the commuter train back to Copenhagen Central station for our train back to were we come from, but also … for a good cappuccino and a Kartoffelkage (Potato cake). You can’t visit Denmark without spoiling yourself with the probably best cake on earth. *smile

Thank you, A-C, for a lovey day in daylight and darkness …. a day that was one big moment of peace.

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”
Slovakian Proverb

the best


25 thoughts on “a lovely day below and above

    • Yes, the The Cisterns is under the park – amazing place to visit … with all the water displays. So beautiful done, but I would have loved to see with the glass art.

  1. Alre ady! You are truly a fast lady, Viveka! This was a fine day, a peaceful day as you say. I think the weather was doing this – warm, soft, no wind. And then the sound of water down in the cisterns. Perfect. And you found the perfect place to eat – delicious! Agree on the Kartoffelkage – I’m very pleased with being introduced to that one last year…A MUST on our trips now.

    • I was just going around with my images with Lightroom and suddenly I had images enough for the post. Yes, bring on more Copenhagen … *smile – Looking forward to see your images … I will probably do a post with only images, but most of them not good enough to put any work into.

  2. The cistern looks amazing. I’m so glad there’s still water flowing and the pools of light give your photos a real eerie quality. What a fab place for an exhibition – so atmospheric. Took my daughter for dinner at Witches restaurant in Brighton last week – great tip Wivi, we both loved the food and the chat with the waitress 🙂

    • Suzanne, I think the water is something that they only will have for this year … it’s like a show. Because of the damp air they can only have exhibitions with solid object like glass. I wish I know about the place when they had the “glass show”, but there was no water cascades then. So you went to the Witches, great place … and am I so glad that you both liked it. A must for me in January.

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