cee’s fun foto challenge – seeing

“Let us live for the beauty of our own reality.”
Charles Lamb

My eyes loves to rest on;
yellow rapeseed fields
an early frosty morning
play & fun
love & romance
a glowing sunset
interesting art
the ocean
a luminous moon
colors & shades
a glowing sunset
a great perfomance
and more … and more … and more … and more … and more …. and more …
plus they also eat and loves to travel !!!!

All with a little help …. from Oscar.

And I delicate this song to you, Cee. I know that you love it. So do I!

my Oscar

my Oscar


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19 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – seeing

    • Claire, thanks for the visit … that little ice cream man was handful … found him in Bristol. So adorable – chasing everything that was moving, but he never lost the grip of the ice cream.

    • Dia, Christmas decoration in Istanbul, Only two very special streets … breathtaking show in all the colors of the rainbow. Spectacular. A lightshow on the beautiful buildings.

  1. A wonderful gallery, Viveka! From Japan and the kittens are my favourites. We had a great outing today, didn’t we? Thank you once again for the “movies”!

    • Thank you so much, I love the kittens too … there is so much in my life that my eye loves to rest on, but I think I got the most important stuff into my gallery. I can’t open the MMS you sent. Anyhow the owls are on their way to Vinslöv. Not the same as mine neither. *smile

      • I just wanted to thank you for being very, very omtänksam! How to repay you – I do not know! But…soon your birthday is coming up…

      • A-C, herre gud …. jag klickade bara ett par gånger. Det handlar inte om repay. Du får stå för fikat igen. *ler Ett nöje att kunna hjälpa till. *ler – nu blev det Swenglish here.

      • Deal!!!! Bad influence … not at all. Yes, let me know when your owls has arrived so I can do my feedback. Thundery morning over here. *smile

    • Indira, thank you ofr you kind comment … yes, it’s a painting by the Danish painter Peder Severin Krøyer – called “Roses” (Rosor) – one of my favorite painting, I have a different painting for every season.

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