lightroom or not lightroom???!!! that’s the question.

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“Lightroom is created for you as a photographer.
It suits those who care for your photo archive tenderly
and who simply want to improve your pictures. “

My blogging friend, Sylvain Landry ask me this morning, if I didn’t worked with “Lightroom”. I have been looking at it, but I thought that it was far too expensive for my as happy armature.

During my hours in the laundry room … I decide to give it a chance and downloaded the 30 day trail version.

lightroom screen shot -

lightroom screen shot –

Have tried PhotoShop on trail before and we didn’t agree at all … a bit too complicated for me – but “Lightroom” is very straight forward and there is a Swedish website that has instructions videos how to use the program, but only in Swedish. Excellent short videos that very clearly shows how understand and how to work with “Lightroom”. For my Swedish friends here the website is: “Moderskeppet”.

Bosphorus traffic


There is so much to learn and take in, but what I like most so fare is that I can see the original image and the image I’m working with on the same time. Have been playing around for with a couple of image – but this one the changes is so visible.

I have used a free program, “Photoscape”, which has done a great job with my images and very easy to understand too.


But I’m not sure which one I like most – I think the edited image look more like a painting, even if I haven’t used any effects.

What do you think????

The price for the latest version, Lightroom 6, is $185.00/£58.82/€59.95/1295SEK – UK a lot cheaper than in USA and Sweden … but what I understand the program isn’t available anymore, at least not in Sweden. Now it’s a monthly fee of 90SEK/€9.47/£6.90/$10.60 and included in Creative Cloud Photography.

It’s worth the money?????!!! I don’t know yet … I want to know if you have or are using Lightroom – what do you think????

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”
Warren Buffett

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18 thoughts on “lightroom or not lightroom???!!! that’s the question.

  1. Lightroom definitely brings out the details in the shots, I just wonder if they’ll ever make it mobile since I’m always on the go for my editing 🙂

  2. It looks great – and good thinking that you can see the two pictures at the same time while working. I have never looked at it – seems too expensive…I got an old photoshop program with my computer and I have got used to using it now. but there is much to learn…I only do small things…like light and shadows and contrast. I have heard many positive things about Lightroom though – I believe it to be superior to photoshop in several respects. I’m looking forward to a review from you later on?

    • Yes, there some really good things about Lightroom – but also when you want to review your alterations – it goes back to point zero and it does do it by steps. Or I have figured out how to do that. But it’s fun to play .. been at the whole evening. Photoshop was far too advance for me – and it was much quicker to use my old program. Time for bed now. See you tomorrow.

  3. I don’t believe this synchronicity. I spent yesterday comparing Photoshop and Lightroom, and plan to download free trial Lightroom today, since I have Empty September ahead of me. This post is most helpful and encouraging. I’ll be interested in hearing how your relationship develops.

    • Good luck, Photoshop and I didn’t agree … a bit too complicated for me that hates to read instructions. I thing Lightroom is a really good program, but do I need it??? Alot of money, when there is a good program like Photoscape for free.
      I will let you know … what I don’t like with Lightroom is that if you don’t the last step you do to the images – you click “regret” button and you are back to were you started … or maybe it’s me that have found the right way to do it.

    • I’m not sure neither, but I wouldn’t have it on my laptop .. at least not the small model I use. Now they have launched for mobile phones too … I wouldn’t be able to see how to edit and image on a smart phone. But I’m not a SmartPhone whizz. *smile Before bedtime … hug.

  4. I am an avid Lightroom user… and have found their photography package at just under £9 a month worthy. You get the latest updates and for just under £9 they through Photoshop CC. From what I have gathered if you buy Lightroom 6 you might not get the many updates that you get with Lightroom CC. I find Lightroom an excellent program to organise my photos, easy to use and with practice you can really enhance an image. The only downfall I have against Lightroom is that you can’t use Layers like you do in Photoshop.. but with the Photography package that is not a problem. Hope this helps you decide. I love Lightroom and couldn’t work without it.

    • Bren, thank you so much for your comment and advice – I played around with it yesterday with images I taken both in darkness and daylight and – it’s a great program. But I find the cloning mode difficult to use – couldn’t for my life get it to work for me.
      What I understand is Photoshop a much more versatile program and all the amazing things your able to do, but we didn’t click – I want programs to be straight forward and easy to use. As you say … Lightroom is both. Thank you so much again. I’m leaning against buying it.

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