sorting out memories

Last week a nice mug of coffee ended up all over my 5 months old netbook …. I’m not the first or the last this will happen to, so I’m in a good company. Haven’t heard anything from my IT-guys. They say no news is good news, but I doubt it in this case.

More than I probably have to invest in a new device .. and it’s not the money, it that we got along so well .. easy to work and the most comfortable keyboard, the thing is only one left in the whole of Sweden and I’m afraid it will be bought before I get that phone call that will tell me; So sorry!!! It’s dead. keyboard

5 months of images and music … 5 months of EDIT images. I have saved all my SD memory cards, so the images I have – but where are they. I have not a clue – I have put them into a holder and they about 21 of them. So now I have to look through all of them and make a file – what a job, but I have also found some brilliant images that I totally forgotten about. I have done 6 cards this week, but one was empty.

It also means that I have deleted all less good and all duplicates … how many images do I really need on one object, just unbelievable. So it’s a big clear out.

So I thought that I will present some of the found memories so far.

The first image I open was this …. taken on my balcony 1th of May 2014 – in Sweden the first official day of Spring. It must have been a wonderful evening. One of my favorite meal: pancakes with grilled bacon with Hollandaise sauce. I must have been in a good mood that evening. love my bacon 1

Second card was from our fantastic trip to Chicago and Las Vegas last year over my birthday. This image is taken on my birthday after the fantastic Cirque du Soleil show – one of the famous MGM’s lions. MGM Lion 1

3rd card has images from my Vienna visit last year in August and my friends took me for a day trip to Bratislava, we had a fabulous day and this statue I think was the most popular photo object in the city. First I thought is was a real man.

bratislava 2014 1

This image is taken in middle of January 2013 – one of the coldest morning I experience while living in Landskrona – it was what I call an apricot morning, when the sky carries the shades of apricot. I was on my way to Malmö for a medical check up, travelling by train. It was a magic morning. apricot january morningOn the 5th card I found this great image of Mr Swan – taken in June 2013 … I personal think it’s great portrait, we kept eye contact during the photo session. He wasn’t really bother with the feather on the beak. a bit annoying

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld

18 thoughts on “sorting out memories

  1. Love that image of the apricot sky morning, Wivi! And I guess it’s a good thing to sort through your images, I need to do mine…..aargh…..

    • Thanks, Sue .. that morning was just magical. Everything a put my old camera against came out great. I wish I had some system from the beginning. No rush, I have to continue using images I used before – for the weekly challenges. I fall to sleep by PC the when I go through every file .. and each card have about 3 files. Good thing is that my new PC as a 23″ screen so I can really see quality the images. I will be thinking of you when you start your project. *laughing. Hopefully I done mine by then. Duvet time. Sleep well, Sue.

  2. 🙂 There’s always something good to something bad – in this case you’ve found all the images long forgotten. These pictures are EXCELLENT! Love the fellow peeking out of the flor. And the apricot morn gin.
    Again, I shouldn’t have read your blog post now, because after looking at the food, I have to make myself a slice of bread…white bread with big fat black olives. Yummie 😀
    Have a very good evening!
    Big hug xoxoxo 🙂

    • Thanks for your great comment. Yes, the man in the gutter … is a brilliant statue. I’m going to do the same thing … some toast with cream cheese and fig jam … and watching some crime series from bed. Back to hospital tomorrow. Same to you .. and enjoy our sandwich. Sleep well. *smile

  3. The art from Bratislava is really cool, The artist certainly had quite the imagination making that one 🙂

    Also, it might be a long shot but I hope your netbook will still be repairable!

    • Andy, new notebook on order … it will not work, maybe they can save the hard drive. This is life .. but I was luck that I got the last one in country. Took out an insurance too, second laptop I have had fluid in, first one they could save only change of keyboard.
      Yes, that sculpture is – as you say – cool, very cool – I thought it was a real man at first. Brings a smile to everybody’s face.

    • Hi there, thank you so much. But I wasn’t that lucky … they could save the hard drive – maybe, so new friend is on order, manage to secure the last one. Now I have taken an insurance for coffee in laptop. *smile

    • Yes, I know for once was I smart … wasn’t so smart with the laptop – new on order, they maybe can fix the hard drive. Money in .. money out. *laughing. I really like that image .. and he was really posing for me. *smile – but he can be very angry too at times.

    • Marie, thank you so much for your kind comment … it was a truly magical morning and it didn’t matter what I put my old camera against it loved it.

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