was walking on the sunny side of the street

brilliant ideaWe had the most fantastic weather now for a full months … now!

Yesterday there were loads of visitors here in Landskrona, first of all our Photo Festival that goes on for the full weekend and then we had the yearly “Landskrona Citadelloppet”, either 5km (3.10 miles) or 10km (6.21miles) on Saturday. You can walk or run .. doesn’t matter.  A mini marathon, but it attracts loads of people and of them families .. with children in all ages. Very popular.

And the sun was very generous … it was very warm.

I was up early, because on Friday evening a disaster happen – coffee all over my 6 months old notebook. It don’t response on anything .. so I had hand it in to my computer guys, but I doubt they can save it. Don’t have a clue how all that coffee could reach the laptop .. it was kept on a very good distance. The thing is that I really like the little mean-machine, and it’s not available anymore. Haven’t emptied my memory cards, so all images are saved – no damage as such, but we get along so well.

Saturday is market day here in Landskrona … but the vendors are so funny, they don’t like when you take photos of their stalls or products. I was told off once because I took a shot of some eggs.  So I don’t want to .. p**** them with walking around with the camera in my hand. Very touchy subject in Sweden, this with taking photos of people.

It was the small delightful insects day … butterflies and humble bees everywhere .. in the strong sun. I was able capture some of them. All flowers are suffering from the heat, no rain for nearly 4 weeks and they look terrible exhausted. does not disturb me

On the beach there wasn’t that many people … maybe a bit too early. The beach in Landskrona is perfect for families .. because the sea is so shallow – you can nearly walk over to Denmark with the head above surface.perfect day for sailing

The little ferries that goes between Landskrona and little beauty island Ven was going back and forward, I suppose they would been packed.

Loads of bikers out and about … dangerous, they don’t use the bell when they are just behind you .. so if you take a step in the wrong direction you will be hit. Some is close when they overtake and in full speed too. Maybe I should wear my Hövding helmet when I walking too, when I got it. Have to wait to buy the helmet, netbook more important just now.

I went for my lunch at the “Why Not Cafe” beside the our beautiful castle, Citadellet, still in use .. for Royal lunches, weddings and other posh events.

Initially built 1549–1559 as a purely defensive fortification with two complete moats, the inner with a width of 70 metres (230 ft). Its entirety including the very well-preserved moat system, the castle, park and old allotment areas, and central as well as sea-side location makes Landskrona Citadel unique. During the WWII, between 1945-53 was the Citadellet a refuge camp for Jewish refuges, they were coming across from Denmark by boats during the the nights. 22000 refuges stayed at the castle in total during those years.

There was quite a few sport fishermen trying their luck ….. what they do, they pay a little fee for the fishing rights and for those money Citadellet buy new fish to put in the moats. Far too warm for the fishes too.

I had a massive large sandwich with Chèvre cheese, fig jam and walnuts … and I was lucky to find a table in the shade.

Walking back to the town center I walked along the inner moat and for the first time I saw a duck with ducklings, four she have. We have plenty ducks in Landskrona, but I never seen a duckling. I have always wondered why there is no ducklings here.

It was very nice to that Citadellet still use their ecologic lawnmower for their gorunds … the sheep. They have also had llamas, but that is a couple of years ago now.

Landskrona Art Hall are going to show art by the Dutch photographer and artist, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, during Sept and Oct … so to promote the event – they have floating displays with 3 of her most famous pieces …  out in the outer moat, extremely striking and I WILL visit the exhibition. summer reflections

During my return walk home the sun was really on my back .. and not a cloud on the sky – and with all the magnificent building that Landskrona hold, I felt very happy over that I chosen Landskrona as my home in 2009.amazing piece of art

I live in the most beautiful town, it must have been faith – when I sat in Belfast and clicked on that apartment plan and decided that’s mine. I had never seen my apartment before I signed the contract. I just knew this is the place I will live for the rest of my life .. and the ocean dock here too. I hadn’t even been in Landskrona before I moved here.

How wired is that????!!!

Landkrona, I love you!

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend
them doing something completely pointless.”
Bill Watterson

24 thoughts on “was walking on the sunny side of the street

    • Thank you so much …. the photo is one the Dutch photographer Scarlett Hooft Graafland most famous piece .. I think it’s called Yemen. Very interesting artist. This photo was on display out in the moat by our castle. Thanks for stopping and taking the time to comment. Have a lovely week.

  1. 🙂 Isn’t that lovely? You find a spot on a map, a map of your flat and then you decide you will live there for the rest of your life? That’s fate. Truly!
    Glad you like it and it seems very beautiful there. So close to the beach…a dream come true!
    many hugs xo 🙂

    • Yes, the whole thinwith me ending up in Landsksrona is a very strange thing. I have always lived where the ocean docks .. in my adult life, so that was a must .. only 38.000 people live here, but if I want bigger – Copenhagen is just on direct line. I’m truly happy with my life here in Landskrona. Thanks for your lovely comment … and I wish you a pleasant week and I wish Mr a better week.

    • I really hope it will come back to life … there is only one left to buy in Sweden on-line, and I’m afraid it will go before I get an answer from the guys. The bikers are really rude here. Twice they just passed with hair strand between us … twice since I moved here have somebody used their bell. And the speed they come in. Biker take first place in the traffic over here. In Denmark are they so polite and give pedestrians their consideration. We can’t see what is coming behind us. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes, I live in a beautiful place.

      • I know, but I find the Swedes being the worst … so arrogant and unpleasant so soon they get on their bikes. It’s all about common sense. A while ago a man became very angry and used a foul language, because I didn’t know where I was going .. I didn’t know he was behind me and I wanted to throw something in the waste bin. Car drivers are lamb compare to the cyclists, because the obey the traffic rules. I don’t have anything good to say about the bikers in Landskrona. *laughing. Sorry, Colleen.

      • That’s okay Viveka. It’s a shame. Because bikers like that deter others from enjoying it, and make those who don’t bike, but have to deal with that kind of rudeness-dislike bikers as a whole.

      • Yes, it’s … Colleen. I don’t know why they think they have all rights … in the traffic. Anyhow, it’s what it’s. I don’t understand why they have to be so rude and inconsiderate. I got some of my chest now. Thanks for “listening”

  2. WOW! The weather seems so beautiful… You can’t believe but we had rainy, cloudy, windy weekend in here… 🙂 This photography festival fascinated me. Thank you dear Viveka, as always you travel with your Oscar and you take us with you too 🙂 Have a nice new week, love, nia

    • Hi there, Nia …. yes, it was a fantastic day .. and been for a quite a while now. Today there is clouds and last night we had a little bit of rain. I looked at the weather yesterday and you have it warm in Istanbul, but it is cloudy it can be so humid. I was at the festival last year and it wasn’t that great, but this year they seem to have some really interesting photographers. Saying that last year they had a brilliant show with only images from Turkey by Turkish photographers, the best part of the whole festival.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment and I wish you both the same and I hope everything is okay with you. You are so welcome for next year’s event.

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful place and it suits you so well! This post had me smiling from ear to ear (except for your poor notebook, which I forgot all about 😦 when will you know if they can fix it?) I love that first shot, Vivi, with the exhibits in the moat/lake, and the last one is a show stopper! Thank you with a big smile and a hug 🙂 Some day… just maybe…

    • Jo, thank you so much for you truly lovely comment. I felt so good when I wrote the post too .. it was a brilliant day. Yes, this displays out in the moat – what a brilliant idea. Her show doesn’t start until Sept, but what a fantastic idea to promote it.
      Haven’t heard from the boys yet .. have my old one that I struggle with .. not behaving very well. But I have a problem that Google seem to cause me .. I’m not able to move around my images inside a gallery on my new PC – so I have to use an other devise to that. Have reset Google, but still it doesn’t work. What a carry on. Technical problems .. the sorry of my life.
      One day … and I know somebody else .. that say the same. *smile

    • Syliva, I truly do … they keep all the parks and roundabouts in such fantastic condition the year around. Only 39.000 people and we have so much greenery and the ocean on our doorstep. Thank you for the compliment about my images. Oscar was in a very good mood that day. We had a great day together.

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