afternoon tea in bath


I don’t mean in the bath tube – it’s about the city of Bath in UK.

I must have visit Bath about 4 times … but last time was must have been about 19 years ago – so I was a bit lost when I arrived at Bath Station from Bristol with bus X39. There was a big shopping area in the way. SouthGate I think it’s called. It was a morning with heavy overcast and it also provided some rain, but not very heavy.

My friend Paula hadn’t been to Bristol before and we couldn’t really visit Bristol without a day trip to Bath. I just love everything about Bath, such a beautiful and romantic city.bath detail 2

The bus journey took 50 min. It had been much quicker with the train, but the  Bristol Temple Meads Station was quite away from our hotel, but we was next door neighbor with the bus station. I asked the a young lady in on of the Square stalls .. and when I went around the corner I was “back home”. Because the Roman Bath is just in short walking distance from the train station.sign

I had booked afternoon tea at the Pump Room at the Roman Bath, but I had forgotten what time … so we went to find out and the restaurant manager said that we could have it straight away, a bit too close to your breakfast, but my friend want to have it. The restaurant was already fairly busy and there was a mixture of lunch and afternoon tea.

The Pump Room
Stall Street
Bath, Avon
phone: +44 1225 444477

room details

What a treat it was … service and everything that came with it, just marvelous. We went for the afternoon tea pack for £21.00 per person, so no champagne. There we was indulge ourselves with lovely fresh sandwich, heavenly scones, clotted cream and lovely cakes with loads of calories … all to live soft piano music.

I don’t drink tea so I had unlimited coffee in which way I wanted it … and of course I went for cappuccino, very good .. but I only had one big cup.

Neither did we try The Kings Spring that is located in the restaurant, what I understand doesn’t it taste that great – last time I had afternoon tea … there was a cost for a glass of the spring water, but this year it was for free.

For a couple of years ago Paula and I had afternoon at The Ritz in London, but I was so disappointed over the whole thing, the mini scones as fantastic, but the rest was just a shamble. Costed us an arm and a leg each, but we had champagne that time. Not worth the money.

The best afternoon tea I have enjoyed was at Fortnum & Mason also in London, that was worth every penny and the service was out of this world, but The Pump Room comes as clear second.the kings spring

Paula stood over the Roman Bath because she has problems with walking in stairs … and I been and seen it before, but I would like to bring Oscar with me – so that is on my bucket list for next Bristol visit. In the spring I hope.What I understand has the redevelopment has been very successful.

The Roman Baths attracts around one million visitors a year – making it one of the most visited heritage attractions in the United Kingdom.
In 2011 the Roman Baths completed a £5.5 million redevelopment to bring the best of modern interpretation to the site, transform its accessibility and preserve it for the next 100 years.

the Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset, England

the Roman Baths, Bath in courtesy of

In 836 BC the spring was discovered by the British king Bladud who built the first baths. After the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the first decade of the 5th century, these fell into disrepair and were eventually lost due to silting up and flooding,. In 12th century when John of Tours built a curative bath over the King’s Spring reservoir and the 16th century when the city corporation built a new bath (Queen’s Bath) to the south of the Spring.

After leaving The Pump Room we went inside a gift & souvenir shop … and after that we lost track of each other. I was standing out side the shop for nearly 60 min before I gave up and started to walk on my own. I was worried over that Paula wasn’t to be find and I didn’t really feel for walking around Bath. So I took a short stroll and then back to bus station and I when I enter our hotel room around 5pm she was sitting in her bed writing post cards.
turning page

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner at this lovely restaurant. You can book table online, as I did. And they do fantastic cocktails, we saw them as the passed our table.

If you ever visit Bristol or UK in general … Bath is a MUST and so is a visit to The Pump Room.

I did a post about Bath in 2012 – here is the link: spa in ad 43 … blinis and jane plus a hole in the wall

“Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.”
Alice Walker

egg mayo

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18 thoughts on “afternoon tea in bath

  1. The Pump Room certainly looks like a treat. Those pastries looks absolutely heavenly and I could spend a whole day there sampling what they have. Beautiful photos as usual, Vivi. Love how you not only captured the food but the decor and architecture too. You make the place look very classy, which I’m sure it is 🙂

    • Mabel, thank you so much for your kind comment … it’s a very nice place and I think we can call it classy, without being too posh. We got so much goodies that we weren’t able to eat them all. It was a true treat on a rain August Monday.

  2. Lovely, Wivi! Years since I had tea at the Pump Room, and incidentally I think the Spa water is hideously sulphurous…. Now, your title had me really wondering how decadent you are because you spelt Bath with a small b, so it looked like you were in the bath!! 😀😳

  3. You really know how to travel with class and style. I missed Bath in my first visit. You made it look like a must. Thank you for the post card. Got it yesterday. You are an in inspiration!

    • Bebs, all my pleasure. Yes, Bath has to be on your action list next time you visit UK. It’s such a special city … Jane Austins home city, so very romantic .. beautiful buildings … and flowers and more flowers … plus loads of tourists of course. I don’t know about the style and class. *laughing

    • Yes, they were so advanced … same with the Chinese … and Turks. We had still Ice time and they had water systems. The Romans were all over Europe – but not in Scandinavia .. what I know. And our vikings was all over the northern part of our globe.

  4. I really was torn whether to come to Bath with you, Vivi. I did visit once, over 20 years ago, but I didn’t see the Roman Baths and I would love to see then in their new incarnation. I did have a fantastic day in Bristol and ‘how strange is life?’ I ate at the Pump House in Bristol! I’m sure you’d love it too. Next time I’ll show you mine if you show me yours 🙂 🙂
    Mabel is right- your photos do full justice to the place.

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