breakfast with old friends and sheep hunt with a new friend in bristol

KNITWITSo after the magical start of my Saturday in Bristol … at Long Ashton and the early rise of all the fantastic balloons – we where taken to my friends, Sam and Camilla’s deli and cafe, “Zest” for a fantastic full English breakfast. The first time I visit their place. Fantastic shop and cafe … plenty customers and guest in cafe. It’s like a local meeting point. Everybody knew everybody. Behind the counter we found Camilla and their youngest son, Oliver. Last time I saw Oliver he was sleeping with mum and dad .. and now a handsome young man. I must be really old.

The breakfast was tasty and well prepared, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Sam. More people came in for a treat and a chat. Just the place I would love to have … Zest Deli and Café, 130 Stoke Lane, Bristol BS9 3RJ.

Sam took me backstage and out on the little backyard where he had Italian white peach tree, massive blackberry bush (more like a tree) with the biggest berries every and grapes and fresh herbs.

After breakfast Richard and Gil drove us back to our hotel and it was time for Paula and me to split – I was going to meet up with Jo@restlessjo, my blogging sister from Hartlepool and Paula was going to hit the shops.lamb chop close up

When I saw Jo – she was just the way I had imaging her … full of energy, blonde, pretty and chatty. Just my type of woman. I had planned for us to have a coffee date at “the Kitchen”, but it was closed but the young man at the reception told us to go to “Cafe Amore” and it was a good advice. We coffee and something with loads of calories. After the we visit M&S – I needed to buy knickers and stay ups. Jo was a good little helper. It was really too warm for any shopping, but I got what I wanted.

Then we went for a walk and a Shaun the Sheep – hunt. This summer Bristol city has placed out 70 Shaun the Sheep sculptures all over the city – created by artists, designers and celebrities, to iconic locations and green spaces across Bristol for the public to enjoy. And the local news paper have created a hunt .. where parent could send in photo of their kids together so many Shaun the Sheep as possible.shaun's ear

One flock of 50 sculptures has been on display in London this spring. Both flocks of Shauns will go to auction later in the year, with funds raised from the 70 Bristol sculptures going to The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity and funds raised from the 50 London sculptures benefiting Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity, supporting children in hospitals across the UK.

Shaun in the City is brought to Bristol by the team that created the award-winning Gromit Unleashed, which saw Aardman’s lovable canine sidekick Gromit help raise £5 million for Bristol Children’s Hospital

Jo and I did some hunting too, I think she have got most of them … I have only captured a few. My favorite is the “Lamb Chop” by Duncan Craig at the Bristol Bus and Coach Station. What a lovely idea and everybody just love Shaun … both kids and adults. It kept everybody busy. I think it’s possible to join the flock too.

“Bristol was the fifth most heavily bombed British city of World War II. The presence of Bristol Harbour and the Bristol Aeroplane Company made it a target for bombing by the German Luftwaffe who were able to trace a course up the River Avon from Avonmouth using reflected moonlight on the waters into the heart of the

Between 24 November 1940 and 11 April 1941 there were six major bombing raids. In total Bristol received 548 air raid alerts and 77 air raids with:

919 tons of high-explosive bombs plus many thousands of incendiary bombs dropped in clusters
1299 people killed, 1303 seriously injured and 697 rescued from the debris of bombed buildings
89,080 buildings damaged including 81,830 houses completely destroyed and over 3,000 rendered unusable and later demolished.” (text:

Jo and I walked right into the Temple Church ruins that today stands as a memorial over the Bristol Blitz. We also walked through the St Nicholas Market, but it was far too hot inside for us to truly enjoy. The air was standing still – but I manage to capture some wedding photography that was going on in a hat stall. The market is something I will visit next time I’m back in Bristol and hopefully when the weather is less the sunshine

I must admit that I was really tired in the afternoon, after been up since 5am – to get ready for the morning take off … of the hundreds of hot air balloons. And the warm weather really took a toll on me and I really needed a nap before dinner at the Glass Boat in the evening. Jo was full of energy still and walked me all the way back to my  hotel .. and after that she was going on new adventures. What a lady.

I manage to get a 35 minute nap before it was time to get serious for the evening and a fantastic dinner.

 “Where the sheep is greater than the man – Me!”
Shaun the SheepGlass Boat

32 thoughts on “breakfast with old friends and sheep hunt with a new friend in bristol

  1. Fantastic pictures. What a lovely day with Jo. You caught the essence of Bristol. I understand the feeling, it is the 90s in Chicago and very humid. You won’t like it here either.

    • It was a long day, but it had everything … and it was fantastic to finally meet up with Jo. We had both planned trips to Bristol … it was Jo that figured out that we will be there at the same time. 90 is hot in Chicago remember when I was there in 2012 – it was terrible – had to be up and out around 8pm, because there was no air after 2pm. Humidity isn’t really my thing neither. Will you ever get use to it???

  2. What a wonderful, albeit tiring day, Wivi! And great that you were able to meet Jo. She seems incredibly energetic (well, I used to be before the MS really kicked in) – most enviable. I do hope to meet her one day.

    • Sue, she is like a Red Bull. I can understand that you can’t fly around like you did before and neither can I since my feet got numb, but we do our best and that is what counts in the end. It was a fantastic day in over all .. to finely meet up with Jo was the cream on the mash.

    • Yes, Jensine … it was a fantastic day, from early start to late night … a truly feel good day. But I was so tired when I finely got under the duvet. The heat is tiring too.

  3. What a lovely way you have of putting a post together! (and I’m not just saying that because I have a ‘starring role’ 🙂 ) I’ve been too busy to do much visiting this weekend but I did find a video of Nightglow on YouTube for my 6Ws, and now I’m sitting down to start my walk (if you know what I mean 🙂 ) Just thought I’d pop and see you first, and look what I find!
    I haven’t counted my flock yet but I have a few. Missed Cecilia though! 😦 Bristol has done a great job on surviving all that blitzing and reinventing itself! Thank you for pointing out what a tough time it had. I will do a Harbourside walk and look at the fantastic place it now is, next week. I have something else in mind first. Big hugs, Vivi! You were wonderful company. Hope the ass is a bit improved? 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment … yes, you were the star that afternoon, in more than one way. I did a bit of Harbor walk too .. so there is another post to come. I will never be able to catch up. Still have so much about Japan and Hong Kong to tell.
      My sorry ass has been pretty good the last 2 days, but I haven’t been sitting so much. Today the sun was hiding so I did ironing. Hate it, as you know. Looking forward to meet your flock.

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    • Thank you for bringing me into the quotations. Beautiful post .. and amazing what you can get out off a bridge in pictures and words. Excellent job, Jo … as always.

  5. Popped in from Jo’s blog to find out your side of the story 🙂 I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jo yet, but she does come across as a very energetic and beautiful lady, I am sure I would be exhausted long before she is! This is a lovely overview of Bristol, love the sheep and thank you for the history lesson, I hadn’t realised that Bristol was so heavily bombed. Thanks for the visit.
    Jude xx

    • Hi there, Jude … thank you so much for your lovely comment and your visit. Yes, Jo and I was visit Bristol on the same time, but never planed it. It as all down to faith and luck. She is a hard woman to keep up with … she is like a “red bull” – in her company you get wings. *smile Shaun the Sheep was such a love touch to the Bristol and everybody was taking photos of them and the kids love them. Real funny …. it seams like Bristol have some kind of character hunt every summer.
      I knew that both Bristol and Swansea was attracted by Germany… but I didn’t know to what extend until I looked it up. Welcome back! Wivi

    • Yes, had a brilliant stay … and the weather was so fantastic too. Regarding JO, it wasn’t anything we planned together We just happen to book Bristol the same time. Lovely lady. Bristol is truly a great city in many ways.

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