ruby and safety

Air New Zealand  …. asked the national ruby team, All Blacks, for help with their new safety aboard video and here is the result. I would feel so much better before the take off … if I watch this video. Enjoy!

Well done Air New Zealand!

What is the cause of most aviation accidents???!!!
“Usually it is because someone does too much too soon,
followed very quickly by too little too late”
Steve Wilson

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15 thoughts on “ruby and safety

    • Wow, never flown with them – I think it’s great that airlines are different and trying a bit harder. Flying is a serious business in itself …so we need a smile now and then. Not only food and drinks.

  1. Reblogged this on happyface313 and commented:
    Why don’t more airlines use this kind of in flight safety announcements for their passengers? Air New Zealand used it’s All Blacks Rugby Team for this very unusual and fun safety video. Enjoy and have a very HAPPY Tuesday! 🙂

    Warum können nicht viel mehr Fluggesellschaft Ihre Sicherheitsansagen auf diese Art und Weise machen? Air New Zealand hat für dieses Sicherheitsvideo das All Blocks Rugby Team beauftragt. Sehenswert! Viel Spaß, gute Unterhaltung und einen sehr SCHÖNEN Dienstag! 🙂

  2. 🙂 Have just rebloggeded this post. Could you please add a “G” in the word Ruby in the headline and make it to Rugby? 😉 Thank you! Many hugs and have a very good day. I’m off to the office now xoxo 🙂

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