weekly photo challenge – creepy

I think this is a bit creepy, but many tourists loved it – this man I captured in beautiful Bath, Avon in UK …. in the beginning of this week. He was at times covered in pigeons and for money he transfer them over to willing tourists. I don’t mind pigeons, but not all over me. So I wouldn’t be very great as a statue.

pigeon man

“You have to accept the fact that
sometimes you are the pigeon,
and sometimes you are the statue.”
Claude Chabrol

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I wish you a pleasant weekend. weekly-photo-challenge-2015-logo


16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – creepy

    • Janet, I think there is a lot of people that hates pigeons … I don’t like them when they fly to close to my face, otherwise I’m okay with them. I wish you a pleasant weekend

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  2. Pigeons? Eeeewwwwe! I like watching them in other places but they are everywhere dirtying every place in the city with their poop. Not on me, thank you. And you probably have to pay for the opportunity?

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