a free spectacular

balloons on ballonSo I went back to one of my  absolute favorite cities in UK – Bristol, together with my friend Paula. 5 days and 5 nights … and what a great stay we had.

My main reason for the visit was to be able to catch up with my dear friends, Camilla and Sam, but also Gil and Richard. Once we worked very close and hard together .. when they became on of our major supplier – in sous vide products.still not up

But also to be able to take a good look at the city that I always had a great time in when visit. Once I have been in Bristol without work involvement and I was a guest at Sam and Camilla’s lovely home in …., just outside Cliffton.

So I had a planned a visit with great food, drinks, a bit of sighting .. shopping and good friends.

When I looked at the Bristol’s event book I found out that we was going to be in Bristol during The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, one of the biggest in Europe. Something I wanted to see for years, but wasn’t planned. So we brought the wonderful weather with us from Scandinavia and they got the best weather for nearly 20 years.

And when we provided the weather Bristol provided a spectacular show – forget fireworks!!!

blue as the sky

About 500.000 people attend over the four days and Saturday evening for the first time in the festival’s 37th year’s history did they have to turn people away for safety reasons. Road in and around Bristol was in total standstill and for those that had taken the shuttle buses had been stuck for hours. Victim under their own success and with the fantastic weather.

I  only attended to  the morning “take off” – Gil and Richard, came and picked me up  at our hotel 06.15 and with fresh brewed coffee and cookies for Lidl we had the the most fantastic sunrise and take off- not all the balloons made it to the air, William Hill was struggling – but they also had the biggest balloon of them all.

The event was founded in 1979 by the Bristol located balloon manufacturing company, Cameron Balloons. Cameron Balloons had made most of the balloons that were at the show. It takes place in the large and beautiful country estate Ashton Court. Mass launches are made twice a day. About 100 balloons at the time.

I didn’t attend to the magical Night Glow event – that happens every evening … but next year. On my flight back  to Copenhagen I was sitting next to a Swedish newly wed couple (in Bristol) that showed me their videos for the Night Glow. Never seen anything like it. So that has now gone to the top of my bucket list.

The story tells that if any balloon landed on a farmer field or in somebody’s garden the balloon team has to pay the landowner a bottle of Whisky.

On the morning I was there the  wind had turned and the balloons was going in the direction of the airport – so many of the balloons landed short after take off, so they shouldn’t cause any problems for the airport. The fastest of the them was Royal Navy – they just went for it and disappeared out of sight for us very quickly.

After all this magic did my friends treat me and Paula to a great full English breakfast at Sam & Camilla’s Deli & Cafe “Zest” and in the afternoon I had a couple of great hours with  my blogging sister Jo@restlessjobut that is another story to be told.


.“Half the art of ballooning is to make your crashes so gentle
that you can fool yourself into calling them landings.”
Richard Branson

15 thoughts on “a free spectacular

  1. Fabulous to read your version, Vivi! I was flying right up there with you 🙂 NIce to put our two views together and this one of yours will stay in my archives (or wherever I can hide it 🙂 ) for ever! Big hugs to you, darlin’.

    • Jo, we should really do something about this that we attended the same event but at different times. Next year the Night Glow is a must for me. Maybe I will climb into a basket too and fly away for real. I was so temped, but so scared of heights – maybe I grow out of it … in a year. Just read you mail. Have a lovely Friday. Weekend hug …

  2. Flying away in your lovely post, Viveka! Gorgeous balloons – I understand this was a real treat. And, meeting up with blogging friends is always great fun!
    I’m very happy about your cards – they make me fly too!

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