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Elite Traveler is a website that I often use when I want to find out were to get the best food and service on destinations I never been before. So for Warsaw I visit the website and they highly recommend the “Boathouse Restaurant and Bar” –  as they said it’s a bit out from the city center, 20 min taxi journey … on bank of river Wisla, but on the other side of the river.

courtesy of

courtesy of

Wal Miedzeszyñski 389A,
Warsaw 03-975
phone; +48 22 616 3223
Cuisine; Mediterranean/Grill

It cost me total in taxi to get to and from the restaurant 90Zloty/205SEK/£15/$24/€22, but it was worthy it. A romantic and great escape from the buzzing city. Beautiful garden … and they just had a wedding a couple of days before –  so there was white flowers everywhere.

The evening was warm and pleasant and it was my last evening – so I decided to sit outdoors … fairly busy. A couple of family tables on the big lawn and on the patio, some tables on the balcony and inside the restaurant.

They have a big playground for the kids … and there was action there the whole evening.

I got a warm welcoming by the lovely hostess … got my table straight away and ordered my Mojioto. My waiter was a very nice and entertaining man. He loved the word; Super … he used it all the time.

I had checked on their online menu before so I knew that I wanted to go for the grilled lamb cutlets. He recommend their Shrimps Salad Provençale and I’m glad I went for his advice. prawn salad -boat house

My menu for the evening became;
Shrimps Salad Provençale
Provencal style fried shrimp with sweet peas and julienne of mango

New Zeland Lamb Chops
focaccia /red pepper pipirina /green asparagus /greek feta cheese

Carpaccio Van Mango
Mango carpaccio with passion fruit sorbet,
lime-pepper syrup, strawberries, blueberries and rose pepper

lamb chops

With my starter I had an excellent New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Soljans Estate, and with the lamb chops I went for an Argentinen Malbec from Amalaya, smooth and not too rich. Both excellent choices.

My starter was so good .. with the big prawns, mango and deep fried finely sliced onion … and perfect cooked sweet peas. The flavors sat perfect together.

Lamb chops, 6 of them, well seasoned – slightly over grilled, but they were small .. hard to get medium rare, but very tender. The focaccia bread was flavorful and fresh … I would have like a cold sauce of some kind to go with the dish, Tzatziki maybe, because there wasn’t much jus from the grilling of the chops.

Dessert … VERY good. Thinly sliced mango with the most lovely sorbet (not a sorbet lover) … and those rose pepper corn gave that amazing kick back in the throat. Fabulous combination, have eat fresh strawberries and rose pepper before, but the mango was far better. Of course with my dessert I had a nice cappuccino.

If you like a nice setting, relaxed atmosphere … great food and service -Boathouse is a MUST! And if you travel with your partner … this is the most romantic place in Warsaw.

I sat there in warm evening and took in everything I seen and done during my 5 days in Warsaw … and I felt very lucky that I’m able to travel as I do … and that I still enjoy it, even if I get tired at times, mostly my feet … they suffer every time, but they recoup fine.

And for the first time during my visit the moon was out very clearly … not full, but on it’s way.

What a fantastic ending on a fantastic stay …. a city that I hope I will see again, if so I will come back the Boathouse for an other delightful evening.  warsaw moon

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry.
We shall get there some day.”

16 thoughts on “super-super; boathouse restaurant and bar, warsaw

  1. 🙂 Even though I had lunch not too long ago, this looks so super delicious I could eat something. Normally I’m not a big Mango eater, but here I would make an exception.
    Add the chocolate to the after dinner coffee 😀
    Many hugs and have a wonderful day xo 🙂

    • Dia, that prawn salad was magical … and the lamb was so tender. I don’t eat much mango either, but both the starter and the dessert was scrupulous. I know this is a restaurant that you would enjoy. The setting was priceless. Have a lovely evening.

    • Bebs. or as they say in UK – the cream on the mash. *smile It was truly love to sit there in the warm evening. I was in very romantic company … my own. *smile

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