a royal sunday in warsaw

the royal castleWhat I can figure out is there is 4 major Royal Estates in and around Warsaw – the most famous I would say is the Royal Castle that is located in the Old Town of Warsaw.

Then there is King Jan III’s Wilanów Palace that it would have taken me about one hour with bus to reach from my hotel – what I can see it’s also the biggest of them all …. saved that  for next visit.my first view

As number one my bucket list of estates and parks was The Łazienki Palace, also called the The Palace on the Isle,  and it’s park … Łazienki Park is the largest park in Warsaw, occupying 76 hectares of the city center.

Originally a bathhouse for powerful aristocrat Stanislas Lubormirski, it was completely remodeled by Poland’s Last King, Stanislas August Poniatowski (r.1764-95) who made it his Summer Residence.

In December 1944 the Germans burnt the Palace on the Isle, drilling nearly a thousand holes in its walls for dynamite, intending to blow it up. Fortunately, they didn’t have time to do it. After the war the Palace on the Isle was thoroughly reconstructed.

The Place also have a theater inspired by the Ancient Greek and Roman architecture was built on the bank of the Łazienki lake, separated by a narrow strait from its stage, built in 1790–93. Performances are still staged here. The theater and its stage provide a perfect setting on a summer evening, despite occasional noise from swans, ducks and peacocks.park detail

From my hotel was is only to take bus 159 for about 20 min … straight to the park. The Park is absolute massive and of course I went the wrong direction from the bus stop and ended up walking along the Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw, the football stadium. A bit of a detour … but I was in no rush – that way I enter the park a bit wrongly and came to walk along the embassy row – one ugly box beside the other, worst was the UK and Spanish Embassies, out side the UK Embassy there was some sport exciting going with a small group of their staff .. in park.

The Łazienki Park is massive and very popular …. I missed out on the New Orangery, didn’t walk fare enough plus it was so warm, the only place for me was in the shade by lunch time. There was open air free concerts all over the park – every area marked with colorful squirrels. There was going to be a performance at the theater too, but it was SO warm and no shade at all there.

The park has nice cafes and a couple of restaurants – all very “posh” with staff in nice uniforms. I sat down at “Trou Madame” and had a Frappe … a lovely cafe with loads of shades and pots of beautiful hydrangeas.

What the park was lacking was toilets – long walking distance between them and not many.

Some were more smart than others …. a male peacock was hiding high up in the tree in the shade and a lady had bought hair beach chair and had a good snooze, until the concert started. And the queues to the Ice cream kiosks was endless.

There was so much people in the park, mostly families with smaller children …. but it  was Sunday and plenty of sunshine.

Around 3pm was it time for me to move on to the next place and with google’s help I could figure out what bus I should take to reach it,  but I had forgotten to write down the name of the stop. So two nice ladies, that didn’t spoke one word of English … got me off at stop and there I figured out that if I jumped on an other bus I would come even closer to the goal. Because walking was not starting to be sore.

Pałac Krasińskich with it’s public park, a total different park to Łazienki Park. Here it was more about having  fun  … and enjoying yourself. Loads of playgrounds and also a fountain, packed, where children and adults could cool them selves down in. A park full of voices and noise.  The Palace itself  was all covered up for outside maintenance.tiramisu kiss

I walked around in the park … I  sat down enjoyed it’s liveliness and my Magnum Tiramisu. Back at the bus stop I had the most impressive glass building just opposite the palace – that gave magical reflections of it’s surroundings. Couldn’t figure out what it was … but back on the hotel and with google’s help I found out it was the Supreme Court. Now when editing the image I see that it  has the scale of justice in it’s pillars.

If I had walked under the building to the other side I would had been able to get an image of the reflection of the Palace in the court house, but my feet was so happy were we was sitting at the bus stop. It’s very fascinating with how clear the reflections is in this gigantic building is.

“The palace is not safe when the cottage is not happy.”
Benjamin Disraeli

court house

27 thoughts on “a royal sunday in warsaw

  1. I had not idea how beautiful Warsaw was. My mother’s side of the family came from Poland. My grandmother never did know how to speak a word of English.

    • Poland has some beautiful nature and places, Krakow is one of the .. with the really old buildings. Gdansk also. Loisa, you have to visit Poland, my father is Polish .. but I been only in Gdansk a couple of times, stunning town by the Baltic sea.

    • Hi there, Mrs Jones … I was in the parks from early morning … but the weather was so hot. Had very hot weather all 5 days, but Sunday was the worst .. but Oscar didn’t mind. You would like Warsaw.

  2. 🙂 Lots of interesting information and wonderful pictures you and Oscar took. Thanks for showing us!
    That Magnum Tiramisu looks extremely good. Never knew this kind existed.
    Big hug xo 🙂

    • That Magnum Tiramisu is in their new range – Kisses. I haven’t seen it over here neither, but I seen it on commercials online. I liked it. There is so much information about everything of interest in Poland. Just like in Vienna … They truly have some beautiful places in Poland … Oscar liked nearly everything I put him up against .. that fantastic beautiful day. Big nightly hug.

  3. I came here via restless Jo. I’ve spent a year in Warsaw in the last three years, because I have twin grandchildren there, but your photos gave me a totally different perspective on very familiar places. On our first visit we passed the Law Courts every time we left the apartment, and last visit Lazienki was the best place for the two year olds to ride their bikes, and loll in flower meadows and chase ducks and lean over fountains. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment … I found Warsaw a bit like Berlin, it has it’s beauty and it has it’s edge – a rebel. It has a rich culture life and so much sad history … I think I would survive living a year in Warsaw without any problems … I found Lazienki park more upmarket and well behaved …. so beautiful. Glad that I could share my view on a very exciting city with you. Thank you!

  4. Glad you’ve met Meg! (morsels and scraps) She’s a lovely lady. 🙂 I only managed Lazienki and the Old Town, but we only had 6 hours there. Your photos of the park are absolutely beautiful! Hugs, Vivi 🙂

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