zobacz jeszcze raz, warszawa

modern cityAt Fryderyk Chopin Airport, ready for going home to the autumn, always a bit early …. time to leave Warsaw that has really treated me well. The English could have been a bit better on most places and sometimes people behaved a bit rude, because when they don’t speak English they don’t answer at all, but I understand why. Mostly men????!!!!

Then there was ladies, that couldn’t help enough … even if I didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand me – somehow we manage to get it right in between us … using arms and legs … plus good laughs.polish pork chop

Otherwise I found Warsaw very friendly and with great hospitality, but not smiles around. My hotel was SUPER! Even if I arrived 3 hours before check-in I got a room straight away; big room, big bed, massive bathroom, great shower, fantastic location and plentiful breakfast. Well done, Hampton by Hilton.hot sunday in the park

One of the first things I did … was cutting my hair and get a completely new hairstyle, the hairdresser spoke very little English, but still she manage to get my hair just as I wanted it …. have tried for years to get it  this way – no hairdresser in UK or Sweden has got it right. So pleased.

The weather has been warmer than warm, even if a good thunderstorm cleared the air a bit, it has been very warm and it’s mostly my poor numb feet that has suffered.31 grand-children

Think I been all over the city, but still I haven’t seen or done everything. I’m not very good at handling the evil side of history, so I did only the WWII in a small portion. Visit the Cmentarz Żydowski (the Jewish cemetery) yesterday. The cemetery contains over 200,000 marked graves, as well as mass graves of victims of the Warsaw Ghetto. So upsetting.

I have been getting  around the city  with buses, trams and metro – plenty of everything. Two metro lines, blue and red and I like the way they  marked the entrances … in shape of a M in either blue or red.

Very modern city, reminds me a lot about Berlin .. that also have raised from the ashes … and become a modern, young and exciting city … with rich culture life and filled to the rim of history.Old town 1

Warsaw is a very clean city … even if it’s full of heavy smokers. Very clean!!!! Instead of pedestrian crossings on all the main streets they have subways, so it has been plenty of up the stairs and down the  stairs, up the stairs and down the stairs.

I really hope that I will be able to return in a near future … because there is still so much more for me to see … and because I really like Warsaw.

Plus the food and drinks has been outstanding, both basic Polish dishes (massive portions), but as 50% Polish I have Polish appetite … and some gourmet dinners. A good enough reason to return.what are you looking at

“We all become great explorers during our
first few days in a new city,
or a new love affair.”
Mignon McLaughlin

14 thoughts on “zobacz jeszcze raz, warszawa

    • No, now when I come to a clean city … it’s striking. All public transport was so clean and tidy too … no scribbling. It seams the the Polish people is very proud over what they have, but no wonder … they have lost everything so many times and raised up time after time.

    • Thank you so much …. for your kind comment. I like the quote too. There is so much to tell about Warsaw – so there will be more. A city I really recommend for a long weekend.

    • Next time I will visit insides … I was only doing outsides. Where all over the place. Fantastic city. And so clean, same will public transport … so clean.

    • In Warsaw there was so much to see … both outdoors and indoors … only manage to scrape a little on the surface. You’re so welcome … next month are we taking off to Bristol, UK. The pleasure is mine.

  1. It’s not a city everybody likes so I’m glad you had a good time 🙂 There’s a big rivalry (north/south) between Warsaw and Krakow. Funny- I had a great Polish haircut for a wedding a few years ago. 🙂 Welcome home hugs!

    • I liked Warsaw because it’s a bit like Berlin … a little of a rebel … with loads of culture and a mix match of everything else …. and so spotless clean. Polish hairdressers are … very good, we have quite a few here in Sweden. So pleased with my hair, great to have it short again.
      Krakow is on my bucket list. Next year …

  2. I enjoyed your pleasure in Warsaw. I too had a great haircut there, and a lipwax, without the help of Polish:, although I’d taken the precaution of asking my son-in-law to write out my requirements, I didn’t need to use his note. I too find the dark history hard – in our last neighbourhood there was a list of the names of children executed, and our apartment had actually been used by the nazis. Your Babcia Masha sign reflects that darkness. On a lighter note I love your line of pigeons, the food, the play-fountains and the mermaid, and also the signature tilt of some of your photos. I’ll look forward to catching up with your Krakow.

    • Yes, I would never be able to visit any of the camps …. I felt to sick to heart and soul when I visit the cemetery.
      I have a friend that has visit Poland quite few times and she always get her hair cut .. and styled – she always look great .. so I thought I will do the same.
      The pigeons was just sitting there as I came of the tram .. and they didn’t move .. they just became more and more, like they wanted to be in the picture. Krakow I just have to visit .. but flights from Sweden is more than double to Warsaw, have to take the train from Warsaw maybe and only fly back from there.

  3. I’m looking forward to Warsaw, Wivi, after reading this post and the last one….you certainly sound to have had a great time. Kraków is also on my list…once I have moved I need to get going to some more places, I’m not getting any younger or fitter…..

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