weekly photo challange, half-and-half

Landed in Warsaw this morning … and this city has really taken me with storm. After dinner – typical Polish; Pig Knuckle with sauerkraut and as dessert Polish apple pancakes with fresh berries, during my walk back to my hotel I manage to get this  shot. In my book perfect for this week’s topic. And to add a bit of fun … too.

The magnificent Palace of Culture and Science, completed in 1955 – and Hard Rock Cafe logo that was created in 1973. Both stand for culture … each in it’s special way; the established smooth and the little more rough on the edges. . half-and-half

“Culture is one thing and varnish is another.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Keep on rocking!!!!!



33 thoughts on “weekly photo challange, half-and-half

  1. Smashing, Viveka! Hope you enjoy your visit.
    read your message. If I’m not in our summerhouse, I will meet up. We’ll stay in touch about it!

    • I took the easy this afternoon .. was up with the sun this morning …. Warsaw have given a new hair style …. just what I have wanted for years, but nobody has manage. Great start. I will give you a ring.

    • Gilles, the evening is beautiful … suppose to be full moon, but I couldn’t see it … and the dinner was excellent. Had it at Radio Cafe. Thank you so much.

    • I took a shot of the in the afternoon, but more striking in the evening … thank you for cheering me on.
      It’s so warm tonight – can’t sleep … the hotel has AC, but still . Warsaw is still asleep …. 03.55 – wish you a great weekend.

      • *laughing We complain .. when it’s cold .. and we complain when it’s hot. I think I’m ready for bed now. The sun is coming up now. 5am. At least it’s humid during the night here. Plans to visit the Old town today .. but they have been talking about rain in the morning.
        Duvet time.

      • Thanks, Andy …. the weather has been oven-hot today .. nearly no wind. Had to stay in the shadow of big umbrellas .. at cafes. No rain yet, but the sky looks a iffy now. Dinner time. *smile

      • It’s been hot … HOOOoOOOt, but last night we had thunder storm and today it’s really pleasant. Visiting there food market hall today. So much to do and see here, need to come back.

      • I do too …. I was sitting there waiting on the bus in my new rain poncho and the rain was just pouring down and the thunder, I felt really good about it.
        As a child I was so afraid of the thunder, cried all the time.

    • Amy, thank you so much … yes, it a little rockin’ has never hurt anyone .. and but I’m not sure about science and culture. *laughing.

  2. Just as I brought up this page, my dog laid his head on my laptop. Then the music started. I thought he had done something to the keyboard to set it off. Then I scrolled down and saw your photo. I apologized to the dog, and we both enjoyed rocking out. Great photo! Great fun!

    • Maggic, my apology to your dog – … but I’m glad you have a dog with great music taste. I think that our life needs a little rocking from time to time .. at least in my age. Thanks for your great comment. Love it.

    • I think it was a fun … thing, but really the rock n’ roll is the same age as that magnificent building and the song is from 1956. So it really all in same age.

    • Had a fantastic Sunday …. visit a stunning castle …and parks, but it was HOOOoOOOoOoOT, in the evening we got a thunder storm and today it’s very pleasant. What I understand you have it Hot_HOT! too.
      Today I will visit there beautiful market hall and a street with some Jewish remembering. Not very good … on looking for human evil, so that will be enough for me. Tonight some gourmet dinning. Have a lovely evening and great week.

    • Sylvia, I really like the image myself … wasn’t too sure if it suited for the challenge … so I had to make it suit. A bit of fun too and the tune is great. ThAaAAaAaAAnks!

  3. Fantastic shot, Vivi! I like it so much 🙂 Almost as much as I like nalesniki 🙂 (pancakes). Too warm for you? You’ll be back in the cold soon enough. Take care!

    • Jo … only a couple of hours left here, just posted your card. Today another warm day .. we had some thunderstorm on Sunday evening, that made things a bit better. My poor feet, I think they can’t wait to get home and back to normal walking. Had a fantastic time and I will be back. You know what …. I really like this photo too. *smile
      Thank you, Girlfriend.

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