sl-week 1: moi (me)

This morning I got an invite from french blogger and very talent photographer, Sylvain@SYLVAIN LANDRY, to his newly started weekly photo challenge. First of all am I very honored, because his photo’s is in the professional legal, while I’m just a happy armature.

His first weekly topic is, Moi (me) – that means a selfie – that I don’t do at all. I think the only one photo I have is my profile image, so here we go AGAIN!!!!


This photo goes back about 10 years or more … and it’s was taken with my mobile and with help from the bathroom mirror.

It was of the reason that I just revived a fantastic bouquet of roses … and wanted to send a thank you card to the sender. A card that became very much appreciated. But it’s also very much me – I’m very playful when I use my camera. Sometimes it works … most times not.

My camera is today a compact camera – and it’s a truly magical camera in my hands and with my eye. I’m a big Canon fan …  Canon PowerShot SX50 HS, a very powerful and technical camera. I’m just a happy armature and my camera suits my personality and my needs.

There is a secret with this image … I sold the copyright to it …and what I understand has is been use for a concert program, so I had cropped the image to be able to use it as my profile image. It’s a very personal image in more than one way.

Why not join me in Sylvian’s challenge???!!!!! Use this link; SL WEEK – Please help us to get this challenge on it’s feet. 

“Images are born then
your imagination
meets reality”
Christer Strömholm
Swedish photographer(1918-2002)

16 thoughts on “sl-week 1: moi (me)

    • Bebs, you crack me up …. I don’t think you need a man to get seductive lips!!!!!! Somebody has said that to be a good photographer you have to be able to look at yourself through the lens – so that means I will never make it as a serious photographer. I just hate when people take shots of me … but maybe that is all down to personal assurance.

    • Thanks, Jeremy …. this is photo is taken with a Nokia, one of the first that had a camera. I have a very fancy camera, but it eat film … but it was too much hassle with all the different lenses and today compact cameras are so advanced .. and so are mobile phones. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

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