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So it’s now nearly 10 days since I arrived in Skagen for the first time – don’t ask me why???!!!! I moved to Gothenburg 1963 and I was working at the Gothenburg – Fredrikshavn’s route for 6 years. I had free travel all the years I worked for Stena Line and still I never made to  Skagen.

It’s like I have done a detour over North America and Untied Kingdom …. to get to Skagen.

Skagen is a very picturesque little town with a population of around 9.000 plus plenty tourists. Skagen (Danish pronunciation: sɡ̊æːɪn]), is Denmark’s northernmost town and the area surrounding it. Occasionally known in English as The Scaw, it is situated on the east coast of the Skagen Odde peninsula in the far north of Jutland. It got its town status in 1413.

It’s also suppose to be the most sunniest area in Denmark and we got good bite of it. We had rain one morning up to lunch.more dunes

Skagen is famous first of all for it’s 65 km (40.38 miles) long, white, sandy beaches backed by dunes, tempt visitors to engage in all the activities that go with seaside life. There may be big waves and powerful currents along the beaches of the ”Skagerrak” to the west. But the ”Kattegat” beaches to the east are milder and more child-friendly.
The “Blue flag” beaches are kept completely free from rubbish, and there are toilets, emergency telephones, first-aid boxes, and life-saving equipment.

Skagen’s own art is world famous and richly depicts the history of the town. Some of Denmark’s most well known and prized artists made their mark on Skagen and its development as a holiday venue.
The artists were attracted by the wonderful light, the scenery, and the harsh conditions that the residents of the fishing villages lived under. By the end of the 19th century there was an artists’ colony proper here, populated by artists from all over Europe.
Many of their works can be seen at ”Skagen’s Museum” and show what the town, the countryside, and the residents, especially the fishermen, looked like in the past.

Visitors can gain a living impression of art and life in contemporary Skagen at two authentic artists’ homes: ”Drachmann’s House”, the home of poet and marine painter Holger Drachmann, and the home of the married couple ”Anna and Michael Ancher’s House”.all the Skagen painters

The Skagen Painters were a group of Scandinavian artists who visited the area every summer from the late 1870s until the turn of the century. They were attracted by the scenery, the fishermen and the quality of light.

My header images is one of the world famous painting from Skagen, Roses (Roser) is a 1893 painting by P.S. Krøyer.

They are renovating the old main building of the museum, so they only had a small collection in the new part .. of the famous painting and also some new artists.bamse logo - bamse se

Skagen has also a “Bamse” museum, but “Bamse” is Swedish – but the Danish has adopted him. Bamse is a Swedish cartoon children series created by Rune Andréasson. The first series of Bamse came in 1966 and 1973, the series his own magazine. Bamse is also available including videos and picture books. 2014 came Bamse for the first time feature film at the cinema.

The Bamse Museum is in conjunction with with the best ice cream cafe in town; Iscafeen, that has a lovely garden with rose alcoves where you sit and enjoy great Smørrebrøds (Denmark’s national dish = open sandwiches) or light snacks.

Skagen is the place for ice cream in the summer – don’t have a clue how many ice cream parlors the town have and they were all packed, even when the sun was in hiding.

One of our days did I indulge myself with ice cream 3 times. Couldn’t help myself!!!!

Then they are also famous for their watches, Skagen and of course I had a chance to invest in one, a Skagen watch has been high up on my wish list for many years. Founded in 1989, Skagen products can be found today in 80 countries worldwide. They also started do leather gods and jewelry.

The shop was so  busy with customers from USA, Japan, Russia, France … Germany,  UK, China and Sweden

Skagen’s pulse is the harbor – the town’s life nerve − which has been a centre of activity ever since it was inaugurated in 1907. Today, it is the leading harbour in Denmark, a busy place that tourists find exciting and have always shown a great deal of interest in – for many reasons.harbor in the dusk

A little fleet of fishing boats brings fresh fish to auction every day. Some fishing boat was big as cruise liners, never seen fishing boat that big before – but they are like small factories where the catch is cleaned straight away – all out at sea.

The fish auction is well worth a visit early in the morning. Visitors are welcome, but must remember not to get in the way. This is also where the thousands of summer yachtsmen and women congregate and add to the pleasant yet intense atmosphere.

Several cruisers dock at the harbor every year and ”Grenen” is passed by more than 100,000 ships annually.

Fresh fish can be bought at the 100 year-old fish warehouses and there are many restaurants that offer delicious fish dishes.

The little yacht harbor is full of seafood  restaurants, but most of them has only table outside, because the small red fishermen cottage are too small to hold both kitchen and pantry … plus table and chairs. Plaice is the fish that Skagen is most famous for and they do so good.skagen plaice

During our stay it was far too cold to be sitting outside for either lunch or dinner. When the summer arrived we went out to Grenen Odde and put our feet into the two oceans.

I would say that 80% of all houses in Skagen is painted in a very special yellow color … and with red brick roofs with with trimmings, white window frames and fences, makes the town very pretty and quaint. Every garden is perfect and every owner seems to have deep green fingers.

Of course bikes is big thing in Skagen – Denmark is perfect for bike, their highest point is only 110mtr (360 feet). It’s a perfect country for bikes … and they are on second place after Netherlands also, to have most bikes per capita. Everywhere you can rent bikes. Our little hotel did have bike rentals and I would have loved to go on a bike, but my girlfriends don’t do  bikes.skagen sale

The town has only small shops and plenty of them … plenty ice cream parlors, cafes, restaurants, seagulls and tourists. I think Skagen is a place that maybe has tourist 9 months per year. Hotels small and big, guest houses, B&B and Inns in plenty.

Our little gem to hotels was Hotel Sønderstrand, absoluty lovely .. one of the few white houses in town. Our rooms was big and very white wooden floor, big bathroom, lovely towels and the most delicious pillows and duvet (light as air) … we had a big balcony with sunshine up 1pm. The owner was lovely too. Great breakfast and the last two mornings we had out on the patio deck. The summer finely arrived! Rates was great too 700Dkk/€93/£67/$102/875SEK per room and with breakfast for 2. Walking distance to town center, station, beach, harbor and museum.

I could go back to Skagen tomorrow!!!!

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”
Don Kardong3.15 am- the summer has arrived

Top images provided by and thanks to: vk.com and bamse logo by bamse.se

18 thoughts on “a delightful slice of denmark

    • Jo, I haven’t been to any place in Denmark that isn’t delightful .. but Skagen is a little well maintained town without being boring. So pretty and entertaining.

  1. Skagen looks gorgeous – and so does the ice cream! So much to see and do there and the room rates were so reasonable too. So glad you had good weather for your stay 🙂

    • Suzanne, haven’t you received my card???? It’s truly a fantastic part of a fantastic country. The first day was a bit iffy until lunch, but last two days … that was when summer arrived, but it was gone in a weeks time. The hotel was really nice and rooms very comfortable.

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