cathedral peonies and their friends

Gothenburg domkyrka

Gothenburg Cathedral, was completed in 1633 and the second largest church in Sweden. My hotel was just opposite the church during my visit in Gothenburg last  week.

In the evening walking back to my hotel after my girlfriend date I crossed over the Cathedral grounds  to reach my hotel quicker and then I met all this beauty. It was around 8.30pm and still a very bright evening, even if the sun was on it’s way down. I spent about 40 minutes in the cathedral’s flower beds.

It had been the most fantastic day … with gorgeous sunshine, blue sky (not a cloud), great food and good friends.

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine,
freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Andersen

26 thoughts on “cathedral peonies and their friends

    • Jo, I love them too …. I don’t have green fingers at all …. so I just admire them I meet them. I think it’s a the most romantic flower there is .. after cherry blossoms. Wonder why you couldn’t grow them, the soil isn’t right for them I guess.

    • Maralee, we even got more than we could handle … a heat wave without wind .. and so many people drowned last week because the water was still so cold. Always accidents on the roads cause by the heat. So sad – from one extreme to another.

  1. Beautiful flowers and I love peonies but they are now out of season here in Chicago. That white and green flower is new to me – it is beautiful.

    • Yes, I think the glowing evening that made me walking over their grounds and paths.
      I have never seen them before neither – but they are like stars … very pretty.

  2. Fabulous! 🙂 I bought some very cheaply from Aldi and spent all week admiring them. (I’d never seen them as cut flowers before) They’re gone now 😦 So I’ll admire yours instead 🙂

    • I just love peonies … I never had them as cut flowers … because they cost an arm and a couple of legs over here. They are truly magnificent beautiful.
      I was lost in their beauty in the church’s flower best … there was 100’s of them. As you said. Just FABULOUS!!!

      • You were a late ladybird last night, Vivi! Not sleeping because of the ass? Or just up late? I’m up ridiculously early on
        these Summer mornings! Even this dull grey one but I’m going to Dad’s cleaning and then blood donor session so it doesn’t matter. 🙂
        Your photos are beautiful! They only cost me £3 and lasted all week 🙂 Thanks again for the postcard. Take care of yourself!

      • Yes, my lower part felt like it was going to exploded … feeling better today, but been on my feet … laundry day.
        Now time for Lidl, can’t live on love only. Haven’t shopped since my return from Gothenburg and Skagen.
        I was a blood donor before my cancer … now I’m not allowed anymore. And I feel a bit lost about it. Truly good cause.
        The sun goes up around 3am here … but I had a good nights sleep after all. I wish a great afternoon. I will see if they have new baked croissants at Lidl – if so I will buy one to you too .. for our afternoon tea. Summer hugs.

      • I do love a croissant! 🙂 Dad’s come back with me for tea and we’re having salmon. Take it easy! I will, once tea is eaten 🙂

      • You didn’t turn up so I had the both .. with German cheese and fig jam. I will have chicken drumstick in white wine for dinner. Enjoy your evening.

      • Yes, I love fig jam … my favorite – not that common over here, but it has started to pop up in shops now. But I love fresh figs too … together with good cheese. Duvet hug …

    • Sylvia, thank you so much …. when I took the shot I knew it would be a great shot .. because the cathedral was glowing in the evening sun … and the sky so blue, but it came out even better. You made my morning. Yes, peonies are such a beautiful color – we start to see more and more of them over here.

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