two oceans, one sky and the “sand snake”

dune viewThis is me at my posh hotel room in Gothenburg, so I’m back from Skagen …. Denmark, one beautiful town up on the most Northern tip of Denmark.

The summer has been very difficult to download  this year, at least here in Scandinavia.

The first two days wasn’t the greatest, one morning  we had rain up to lunch, but mostly overcast – BUT on Tuesday we woke up to the summer. It had arrived … and they have promised that it will last for at least 10 days.

where two oceans meet

A perfect day to visit Grenen’s Odde where the two oceans meet, Skagerrak and Kattegat, and miles after miles of white fine sand.

We were lucky that the summer bus had started up only a couple of days before … it had been too fare to walk, too expensive to take a taxi and my friend doesn’t go on a bike.


The bus toke us to start of the sand dunes and the massive car park with Denmark’s most Northern kiosk and public toilets. From there the “Sandormen” (sand snake) took over. Special built wagons that is pulled by tractors out into the soft sand … all the way out to the tip of Denmark, where the mighty waves of the Skagerrak and Kattegat and waging a constant battle about who is the strongest.

shore side

The “Sandormen” is dating from the late 40s.
At the time, pebbles was collected from Grenen to the many houses that were being build after the war. As transportation for the public it started  in May 1952 and today I think there is about 10 equipages in business today.

The Grenen is one of Denmark’s greatest natural attractions and visiting the tip of Grenen with Sandormen is an exciting ride through the sand dunes that has been taken over by birds and vegetation.

Birds gather at the Odde’s “Lands-end”, particularly during the spring breeding and autumn migration seasons. Raptors are the dominant species during the spring. During April–May, recorded species include sea eagle, golden eagle, buzzard, red kite, falcon and crane. In Autumn sea birds gather. Gannet, guillemot and many species of skua are commonly noted, as well as nightjar, woodlark, and Coal Tit. (text;

It is the scene where an amazing natural experience is played out by a combination between sand, water and the impressive lighting. It has about 1 million visitors per year.

throught the grass

There is also a art museum, Grenen Kunstmuseum with a very  nice restaurant “De 2 Have” ( the 2 Oceans).

It is forbidden to bathe on the Grenen, as it formed dangerous currents where the two oceans meet. It is allowed to wade, so I wanted to get to know the unique experience to stand with one foot in each ocean. It’s was freezing.

out at sea

In Skagen town it was very quite a windy day, but out on the Grenen is was just a pleasant breeze. We sat there on tussock and looked at the all the ships passing and just enjoying life at it’s best.kattegat

The land near Skagen has risen 15 m/49.2 feet and land uplift continues today at a rate of approximately 2.5 mm/1 inch per year.

Of course we had an ice cream before it was time take the bus back to Skagen station and I also bought my last post card in the more

“My favorite place to vacation is anyplace by the ocean.”
Nina Arianda

19 thoughts on “two oceans, one sky and the “sand snake”

    • Yes, the “sand snake” fantastic … I would never had made all to the tip if I had to walk in all that sand … would had been still out there. Thank you so much!

  1. I agree that the best places to vacation are by the water. Your photos remind me of my beach where our cottage is situated. It too can become dangerous when the waves are high and the undertow is strong but on a calm day it’s a great place to swim.

    • Carol, you make me jealous …. I would love to have a little cottage on a beach like this. My friend and I was just talking about it today … just a small one with a deck big enough for 2 chairs and a table. The water was freezing cold … not more than max +8C. This summer the ocean will not get warm enough to swim in … anywhere the heat as arrived too late.

      • Thanks Viveka. I’ve enjoyed my first week at the cottage. Home for a few days to help a friend move and go to a Pan Am soccer match with my daughters.

      • So you’re at your cottage now … I’m truly a bit envy, but our summer has gone lost again and I wonder if it will find it’s way back to.
        Pan Am soccer … woman soccer!!! ???? You had the WC in Canada last month. Sweden has a pretty good team, but they were not that lucky. Canada did good for themselves. Enjoy the match.

  2. It is a beautiful beach. It is unfortunate that the currents are strong although am not into swimming in the ocean either. Wading is enough for me.

    • Yes …. so true …. I must live were the ocean docks. If you make your way to Sweden, you just have to visit Skagen. You take the ferry from Gothenburg and then 30 min train ride.

  3. It arrived! Thank you so much, Vivi 🙂 It’s always a lovely surprise. I can just picture you paddling 🙂 Have a happy weekend and enjoy your summer weather. 🙂

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