green fashion statement and success

blue & yellowEverybody who knows me … knows what a proud Swede I’m .. proud over that we as a small country has achieved through all the years; inventions, people and what Sweden stand for.

Maybe we aren’t the happiest people in the world, only on 8 places on the list, but I’m surprised we are even that far up, because we never seems to be pleased with anything and moan about too much.

Atlas Copco, H&M, Ericson, IKEA, Volvo, SKF, Telia, SKANSKA and AGA is only few Swedish companies that has established themselves worldwide and become global renowned brands.H&M sign - dcnews ro

This post will be about H&M – that I have done a post about before during A-Z challenge a couple of years ago.

H&M is a family owned company that is the second largest fashion retailer in the world, they sell one item every second of the day. H&M exists in 57 countries with over 3,500 stores and as of 2015 employed around 132,000 people.

H&M has now started a new collection called H&M Conscious Collection, which our Crown Princess Victoria has bought into. And at her brothers wedding last week she wore one of their pieces again, made from originally a skirt – they had design specially a top for her to go with it.

So in with all the big fashion designers creations was a dress from high street fashion retailer, H&M – and on top of all it was it the most beautiful dress of them all.

Taylor Swift wore the skirt at the at the Elle Style Awards in the U.K earlier this year and so has Olivia Wilde. Olivia is also the face of H&M Conscious this season.

H&M dress - glamour es

“At H&M, we have set ourselves the challenge of
ultimately making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.”
Karl-Johan Persson, CEO

Conscious is our plan for creating a better fashion future. It’s built on seven commitments and hundreds of Conscious Actions.

-We collected more than 7,600 tonnes of garments that were no longer wanted. That’s as much fabric as in over 38 million T-shirts.
-Together with Kering, we entered into a partnership with UK-based innovation company
-Worn Again, which is developing promising technologies for textile to textile recycling.
-Recycled polyester is often made of PET bottles. We used the equivalent
of almost 40 million bottles. (text:

Isn’t this fantastic … that somebody so big get conscious about fashion.Victoria in H&M - svenskdam se

H&M have been out in full storm many times for using cheap labor and for not checked out working conditions in the garment factories that their suppliers are using.

There was a couple of years that I didn’t shop at H&M for that reason, until they got things right and gave their promises. So all that has now changed.

At this year’s Oscars Jessica Chastain’s Vanity Fair Party dress, for example, had sequins made from recycled shampoo bottles. It’s from this year’s collection. Jessica Chatain - .fanforum com

Their Conscious Collections are made of organic, recycled and sustainable materials, plus everything is fully recyclable. And still they have created the most beautiful fashion. They are for this collection using their own designers, something new for H&M. The H&M Conscious has was launched 4 years ago and also contains lingerie, maternity clothes, shoes and accessories.hm_conscious_collection_- hm com

H&M also started in 2011 a foundation – in October 2013, H&M employees and customers were asked to use their voice to influence which three global issues the H&M Conscious Foundation should support in the upcoming years. During one week 120 000 votes were collected – and the focus areas that got the most votes were Education, Clean Water and Strengthening Women.  – As a result the foundation is now working with three global programs within these areas, built to drive positive change in the world’s poorest communities. (facts;

Good on you, H&M!!!

You have come a long way and you are now a front runner.

“That’s what H&M Conscious is all about –
it’s our promise to bring you more fashion choices
that are good for people, the planet and your wallet.”
H&Mh&m 2013 - hm com

All fashion images are provided by Victoria’s images; glamour es & Taylor’s by – logo image; – All fact for this for this post has been provided by H&M too. Thank you all!

8 thoughts on “green fashion statement and success

    • Loisa, I think it’s a fantastic step in the right direction and it shows that beautiful fashion can be made from old garments and recycled products. So glad that our Crown Princess is wearing their collection and also the Norwegian Crown Princess – and parts of Hollywood.

  1. 🙂 Crown Princess Victoria looked stunning in that dress. It was so different and still somewhat “royal” and yet young and special.
    I haven’t purchased at H&M for ages – their regular clothes are too flimsy for my liking. But this conscious collection could be something to look into.
    Oh, yeah, I am a bit “Swedish” too – I worked for Volvo head quarters in Germany long ago and I go quite frequently to IKEA… 😉
    Fashionable hugs to you 🙂 xo

    • Dia, she is so wonderful .. and she is going to be a fantastic PR for Sweden once .. as our Queen.
      I haven’t bought anything from H&M to myself for years neither, because it’s a bit too teen for me, but I buy baby and kids clothing – brilliant quality.
      I know that there was a Viking vein in you. A TV hug …

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