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walking-logoThis Monday walk really happened on Saturday morning, a warm and sunny morning with nearly no wind at all, a perfect day for a Royal wedding. So with this post am I joining  Jo’s Monday Walk challenge for this week.presents

I had ordered birthday presents online so it  was high time to collect the two parcels … I have two collect points all depending on what courier, a candy store and a filling station. So this time did I had to walk over the the filling station, about 15 min.

I was suppose to go on my bike, but the whole week my “sorry ass” has been really sorry. Not been this bad for nearly over a year. Terrible!!!! I’m surviving on the lucky pills, high like a sky liner at times and then I can’t go to sleep for because of that. So I don’t dare to put more stress on my lower region.light like a feather 1

So I  decided to take a detour to the park and check up on my Mr and Mrs Swan, walked by the other day on my way to the day clinic and I met Mrs Swan with only two cygnets – didn’t have my camera with me. They must have arrived a couple of weeks  ago, because of their size. When I left for Japan she didn’t even brood.

So this post isn’t going to any facts what so ever … only images of all the beauties (flowers) I met during my walk through my beautiful town, Landskrona. Plus other details that me and Oscar picked up together.

Because of the Royal prince wedding it was national flag day and I love our beautiful flag … the sun’s rays on the blue sky – the yellow cross  on the blue background. I really tried to capture one in some wind, not very successful with any of all the flags, that was up along the streets I walked. Nearly mission impossible.

After the park I walked down Gjörloffsgatan, one of the posh street in Landskrona, with one stunning villa after the other. Every time I look at a villa like that I think  … I would love one, but who will do the cleaning?????

When turning into Tranchellsgatan with all the beautiful and cute street houses, as we call them, I was met by a fantastic richness of roses in all colors -and every rose was massive.

When I collected my parcels I also bought myself a Magnum ice cream (white chocolate & strawberry) to keep me company during my straight way home, but it was gone before I passed the  first block. That cracking sound at the first bite … magical.

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”
Steven Wright


37 thoughts on “detour to the post office

  1. I’d give my right arm to be able to one time come visit you. !!! You see the beauty in life like I do. I just got side tracked while Al was ill. Love and hugs dear friend

    • Terry, you know you’re welcome … I do really mean it. Beauty is everywhere really, it’s only that we don’t see all the time – as you say … we are side tracked of other things. And there is also beauty in the roughness around us. A big Monday hug.

    • Loisa, ThAaaAaAaank you! I have been eating and enjoyed Magnum ice cream for nearly 27 years now, nothing like on a sunny day. But soft ice is my favorite … !!! That is summer for me. The warm weather took off yesterday, but into the chill. 2 days so fare, can’t live on that.

  2. Perfection in a morning stroll! Thank you so much, Vivi 🙂 I enjoyed every step. I didn’t even try to ‘greed’ a bit of Magnum from you (I prefer the almond ones 🙂 )

    So sorry about the ass! Funnily enough, I’ve been going to ask all week because you seemed to ‘come and go’ a bit online and I know you can’t sit for long. You must be speedy at loading all your photos. Hugs, sweetheart! I hope it settles down again soon.

    • Thank you so much, Girlfriend … for you lovely comment. It’s not the loading of the images, it’s the editing that takes time. This post I did sitting on my balcony … in the beautiful weather, but now we are back to sunshine and chill. 2 days of summer so far, depressing.
      Going to phone the day clinic now … it’s getting to be a bit too much lately, can’t take the painkillers every day … my head is going mushy. Have also pain in my bladder, everything is on fire downstairs, just now. *laughing.

      • Hope you can find a ‘fix’ Vivi. It’s hard to stay cheerful (I know, I know- the happy pills 🙂 ) when you’re in pain all the time.
        Here was cool and wet all weekend. There was a fun fair and kite festival in the marina and it’s so typical of the weather to spoil it. Had a quick look on Saturday. Brrrh 🙂 Walking today and it’s sunny and bright (but probably brrrh 🙂 )

      • I’m sure I will get help somehow, phoned the clinic, 17 before me, but they phone back when my number is up.
        Jo, life is what we make it to be and when I’m not feeling that great – I go and hide. They just phoned now. 10.30 the doctor will see me. Feel a bit better now. Coffee first.

      • Back from the clinic …. got help with the bladder problem, so one problem less … I hope it’s a hidden urinary infection. It scars the life out of me, because my tumor was so close to the bladder … I’m still afraid that it will have effected the bladder. It’s what they so truly say in a Swedish TV commercial; doesn’t matter where the tumor was it will always go to the head. *smile

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  4. What a beautiful set of images from a lovely stroll, Wivi. Really sorry to hear about your ass, I do hope you can get some help…reading your comments to Jo, it looks like you will be going to the clinic this morning. xx

    • Thank you so much the kind comment about my stroll. It was a beautiful morning too. Back to autumn weather again now. 2 days we had.
      Been at the day clinic and my “sorry ass” is not their table – but I got something for my bladder. I think I got an infection in my colon and that it’s swollen, so I have taken that medicine for a week now, but it takes time. Truly shitty. *laughing

      • Will you be able to see someone about your ‘sorry ass’ soon, though? Or at least talk to someone on the phone? Don’t leave it too long…. (But you know that) anyways, at least you have something for your bladder infection now.

      • Sue, my “sorry ass” is radio therapy damage – so it’s something I have to live with for the rest of my “young” life. Nothing can be done, I wish there was. Sometimes is only get worst … like now.

      • And it’s true, I do get concerned…. But I also know you have a great spirit, and make the best of what life throws at you

      • Sue, we are in the same seat …. it’s up to us how our days will turn out to be … sometimes we manage, sometimes we hide. Nothing wrong with your spirit neither.

  5. Thank you so much, this brought to mind my own walks around Landskrona – but now I can’t wait to return to Sweden for the summer! Interesting magnum, I’ve never heard of that combination and must give it a try.

    • Annika, are you coming to Sweden this summer??? I’m sure that you can get this Magnum in most countries, but I know that they make some different flavor in all countries. Good reason to visit Sweden. Welcome!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful roses Vivi and what a pretty place you live in – strolling to pick up a parcel must be such a joy!
    Jude (via Jo’s site)

    • Thank you, it I had gone straight to the post office …. it wouldn’t been pitcures like this … yes, the roses I would had passed. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Anabel.

  7. 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear that your “sorry ass” is bugging you again!
    But despite the pain you never lose your eye for beauty and your humor!
    Love that about you.
    Get well and enjoy some more ice cream 😉
    Big hugs and kiss 🙂 xoxo

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