a bit of hong kong at the time

Time really passes quick ….. it’s now nearly  3 months since I landed in Hong Kong, back after 37 years. I was very excited over going back, even if it only was for 5 nights. Hong Kong is a bit like Istanbul, I love it in small portions at the time. welcome

Have Hong Kong changed a lot????? In my eyes not that much, it had grown on height, there was a new amazing airport (miles away), new hotels and buildings. The Hong Island side had moved a bit into the harbor area. When I was there in 1978 the middle point of the Chai Wan was Oriental  Mandarin Hotel, but it has now disappeared in loads of new development like Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and IFC –  International Finance Centre.

Plus of course all the new bridges, tunnels and Metro, all new to me.

But the atmosphere and the fantastic chaotic madness is still there, the AC units and all the laundry hanging outside every apartment buildings the same and of course the nightly lights. There is no city I have been to that bling more than Hong Kong, it’s like a big diamond brooch.

Neither have the shopping opportunities changed … it has increased, every office building and hotel have their own shopping malls.

I have always said that so long as  Star Ferries run I will always found me way around  Hong Kong and it’s still runs in the same style. Same old ferries and same crew uniforms, it’s like going back in time, such a fantastic part of the Hong Kong package.

We took two buses tours with the Big Bus, bought a 48 hours pass (Victoria Peak tram included and harbor cruise)  – first to the Stanley Park and it’s famous market, if you leave the  market  without purchase something, I think there is something wrong  with you. I bought postcards and a colorful wheeled cabin bag.

We had lunch at Murray House, which is a Victorian-era building originally built in the present-day business district of Central in 1846 as officers’ quarters of the Murray Barracks, the building was relocated to Stanley during the 2000s.

Repluse Bay where Stanley Market is located is also where the rich and famous of Hong Kong lives, with sandy beach and yacht harbors.Repluse Bay wind surfers

In the tour ticket was also a swamp ride included around in Aberdeen harbor.

In Aberdeen, modernity meets tradition with skyscrapers overlooking a community living on traditional junks. The typhoon shelter on the south side of Hong Kong Island is also a popular seafood dining spot and home to Jumbo Kingdom, one of the world’s largest floating restaurants.

Aberdeen has for generations been a fishing port and home to the Tanka and Hoklo clans who originated from the mainland coastal areas, they were wearing large-brimmed hats … these boat-dwellers were once forbidden to live on land or marry land people and were born, married and died aboard their sampans and junks. Didn’t see any largre-brimmed hats anywhere. promenade view

Returning to the finale stop for the bus by the Central Pier building the sky was getting serious black and rain was hanging over us, but we walked along the waterfront promenade through the building sites – and manage to reach the hotel before the rain came.

In the evening we had the most memorable dinner during our whole trip … at “The Principal”, but that story has already been told (click on the name), but there are other stories to be told.

“If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now
It’s very chaotic.”
Jackie Chan

the principal entrance

24 thoughts on “a bit of hong kong at the time

  1. You’ve describe it so well but one has to love HK with all its characteristics: chaotic, crowded, old and new. It is very colorful. Both a foodie, shoppers and photographer’s delight.

    • Thank you so much, Bebs …. yes, Hong Kong is a world of it’s own … there is something for everybody. I think there is something from the whole world in that very restricted space as HK is.

  2. Three months is still a pretty long time! Are you just there for vacation? I’ve always loved visiting HK (been there three times), but yes, it’s a bit chaotic!

    • Dia, that makes two of us …. let’s go back! I have so much images … so I have to split up my 5 nights. What an amazing city. I wish you a great week.

  3. Definitely a city for small doses, but one I’d love to see 🙂 I can see how well it suits you, Vivi! Sunday evening hugs 🙂 (bet you’re under the duvet by now)

    • Jo, yes …. Hong Kong I think is one of the most amazing cities in world, it’s the world in one place. Have I misunderstood you, but haven’t you been to HK???!!!!
      You were, I was under the duvet … had a sorry ass day and I went early to bed. Here comes a new week hug …. *smile

      • Okay, I got that all wrong … not the first time. Because we have talked about Victoria Peak before. But you can break up the journey, fly over Istanbul … great airline by the way (Turkish Airlines) and really good prices. Get off and spend a couple of days there .. and then carry on to HK. So never say never, Jo!!!!

      • Never 🙂 🙂 And Istanbul would be Mick’s worst nightmare. He doesn’t like cities and certainly not Asian ones. Some day I’ll have to leave him in the Algarve for a while 🙂 (joking)

      • Okay, I give up!!!! But there is nothing wrong with your beautiful Algrave, where I haven’t been, but it’s on my bucket list.

  4. Vivi, these are such fantastic shots of Hong Kong. You really captured the bustling city really well, the buildings, food, transport, people, everything. Amazing. I hope you like your colourful wheeled bag you bought 🙂 ❤

    • Mabel, thank you so much …. my colorful bag saved my arms in Japan, had a cabin bag in leather, but no wheels … but I notice already before take off, that i wouldn’t be able to travel so much with a bag without wheels. So the room maid in Hong Kong became the new owner of my red leather bag. But the colorful bag is worn out already, it was very cheap and cheerful and lived through the adventure.
      There is so much more to show and tell about HK. Amazing place.

      • So nice of you, Vivi, to give the room maid a bag that you didn’t need. She must have been very touched by your kind gesture. I am sure if you go back, you will get another colourful bag just as cheerful 🙂

      • Yes, she was a bit surprised. The thing is I have cabin bags at home, but because I had two wheeled suitcase, I wasn’t able to handle a 3rd.
        But in Japan you can send your luggage in advance to your next hotel for a very small amount, so there it wasn’t any problems to handle a wheeled cabin bag. I’m sure if and when I return to HK I will find something to buy, but I was a really good girl.
        Also in Japan, I bought my fantastic Japanese facial tonic …. and a Yukata kimono plus a fortune bell to myself. That’s all .. and bought some sakura jelly soap to my girlfriends.

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