first day of summer and a royal wedding (tomorrow)

good enough to eatToday  we had our first day of summer this year – no cardigan or jacket needed, it took time. Also the first evening I had my diner at the balcony. Just now 7pm is it +26C/+78.8F out there … VERY NICE!!!!!!

It has been nice weather, but it has been very windy and very chilly in the air, but TODAY the summer arrived. We have been longing for this … so long. colorful dad

The back yard  is full of playing kids in all ages and also a couple of toddler’s dadhas got bright colors on; hot pink and sky blue.

For dinner I had oven baked medallion of salmon topped with chanterelle cream, with butter wilted spinach, new Swedish potatoes and brunt butter. Really very tasty, recipe will be posted another day.

And I also have changed my header image today, it’s called “Roses”, a painting by the Danish painter P.S. Krøyer, 1893. The same painter that has painted my old summer image “Summer Afternoon on Skagen beach” with the 2 ladies walking along the beach.

on the fork

Tomorrow afternoon we have a Royal Wedding, our Prince Carl Philip is wedding his Sofia, so I hope that they will have the same fantastic weather up in Stockholm as we had here today.

Carl Philip and Sofia met on alfresco restaurant in Stockholm, he was having lunch with his friends and she was in company with her girlfriends and passed by. One of her friends know one of his friends, so they stopped for a while to talk.

Sofia has her head screwed on – very intelligent woman, that runs an aid organization together with a girlfriend since 2010, Playground,  that helps vulnerable children and youth in Cape Town in South Africa.

She is just an ordinary young woman, that has worked as waitress, model and yoga instructor. In New York studied Sofia accounting focusing business development at New York Institute of English and Business. She has also studied including global ethics and the Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University.carl philip and sofia monogram - dn se

She is tough cookie. And on Sunday morning will she wake up as Princess Sofia, Duchess of County Värmland.

I’m a sucker for all weddings and I like our little “cheap” royal family, the poorest in Europa they say. Not that I read everything about them, they are good PR for our country. And much cheaper  to keep alive than a president and you never know who will end up as president, it all down to money and who is backing you.

And of course I will be glued to the TV from 3pm until the cake has been cut.

Carl Philip and Sofia - aftonbladet se

Good Luck, Carl Philip and Sofia!!!

I know that you will have a great life together, with ups and downs like the rest of us.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person.”
Mignon McLaughlin

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31 thoughts on “first day of summer and a royal wedding (tomorrow)

  1. I can’t imagine what it is like to be in a Royal family, let alone know or meet one. You have a beautiful page and your dinner looks so tasty, light and filling. Love the music!!

    • I tell you it’s tough for an ordinary person to marry into any Royal family. I’m glad I’m a member of the Royal family, have to watch everything you do and say … wouldn’t survive long. *laughing. Yes, the salmon came out very good … moist and tasty.
      The music is Drottningsholmmusiken .. by a Swedish composer. Johan Helmich Roman and composed to the wedding between Crown Prince Adolf Fredrik och Lovisa Ulrika, in 1744. Lovely piece of music. So glad you like it.

    • Yes, she have the head on her shoulders. The salmon came out perfectly, I shall do the recipe later, didn’t capture any details, I’m suffering with my sorry ass for the moment. Have a lovely weekend, Bebs!

  2. The weather is definitely perfect for such an event, how envious I am for them to have a romantic wedding and the festivities, I’m sure it’ll be amazing 🙂

    • Our king pays for the wedding, so we taxpayers don’t have to worry about the cost. I’m sure it will be a magic day for us viewers too.
      Think it will be about 300 guests. TV will send through the whole ceremony and dinner .. until cake is cut. So curios on her dress and all the female guests outfits. The most interesting thing.

    • Loisa, I needed notice the web until I posted the image … because the sun was straight into the lens … so that was pure luck! Nice detail in the image without afford.

      I’m sure I will enjoy my Royal TV hours. So curious on the dress.

  3. That quote at the end is so true, Vivi 🙂 I love it when Mick makes me smile with something silly he’s said. 26C? We haven’t got past 23 here but that’s very good going for us! I wish much joy to the happy couple. I’ll probably be watching Rafa about that time but maybe they’ll be on our evening news? We can raise a glass to them tomorrow.

    • I’m sure that some from your Royal family will attend … so you’re off the hook. *smile – that is what Sofia said in their interview that Carl Philip has a fantastic humor, he makes her laugh … that is so important, so you stick to your prince. *smile
      I really hope that they will have a warm sunny day tomorrow … because of the carriage ride through Stockholm. Yes, lets raise the glass for them tomorrow. Evening hugs …

  4. 🙂 Yum! Your dinner looks delicious. It’s past midnight and I’m hungry, but I think I’ll wait for breakfast…although I still have ice creme in the freezer… 😉

    Not only you will be glued to the TV later in the day. I will too! But first I’ll take a trip to IKEA. It will be a very Swdish day.

    Sleep tight and many hugs xo 🙂

    • Great news that they will broadcast the wedding over in Austria …. I just had some ice cream myself – living a very sinful existence. Ice cream and Tom Selleck after midnight. That man is more sexy today. *smile
      Enjoy your Swedish, I did a visit to IKEA too … by the way I may visit Vienna in October, if my friends is up for it.
      Royal hug …

    • Sylvia, yes that painting is so beautiful. In the end of the month will I spend a couple of days where the painter lived and painted, in Skagen.
      The summer only lasted for 2 days, the wind and the chill is back. I hope there will be more coming up.
      It was a fantastic wedding, so personal .. and they are so suitable to each other in nearly everything, so happy for them. It will take many years now for another Royal wedding in Sweden … and I doubt I will be around for the next one. in 25 years time. Fairy tales, just love them. I wish you a pleasant week.

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